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Earth is Royale High's lobby and was active from September 2018 to the release of Divinia. It acted as a way to travel to the different sub-worlds of Royale High, such as Enchantix High School, and Classic Royale High. Earth was replaced by Divinia on February 1st, 2019, however, Earth was re-released once again on August 31st, 2019. On December 14, 2019, Earth was replaced by a Winter map but later returned during January.

Modern Earth

According to the lead developer of the game, callmehbob, Earth is based on a real-life location known as Beverly Hills. In Earth, there are NPCs driving in cars. From the release, the cars have been summer convertibles, but during the Fall/Autumn 2019 update, the cars have been changed to country trucks with haystacks. Modern Earth has many shops, a spin wheel, and a portal to different realms.



Earth Divinia Park Cutout.png

In this update, the Town Fountain was introduced. With the arrival of Earth returning on August 31st, 2019, the Fountain was updated. This allowed players to either win nothing, win or lose Diamonds, win a random amount of XP, and very rarely win a halo. On February 17, 2020, the Fountain was relocated to Divinia Park.


Sapphire is a makeup store not available for players to access. It is probably based on Sephora, with the same black and white paint style.

Dimension Mobile

Dimension Mobile interior

Dimension Mobile is a store selling cell-phones. The store is not interactive but the player can enter and use it for roleplaying.

At sometime before, the Dimension Mobile can not be accessed and was only for aesthetics, like Sapphire. There were also "leaks" games featuring some designs for the phones.

Town wheel

The Town Wheel is a wheel players can spin daily to get Diamonds, as well as accessories for their character. The spin wheel was originally for players Level 5 and higher, but now all players can spin the wheel and win various things!

Designer Boutique

The Designer Boutique is a transport hub to many homestores by many original Roblox clothing designers. It was also the place to go hunting for Easter Eggs in the Easter 2019 update and candy in the Halloween/2019 update.

Subway Tunnel

The subway tunnel takes the player to Moonlight Square.

UFO (Trading Hub)

The UFO takes players level 75 and over to the Intergalactic Trading Hub.

Royale High Carriage

There is a royal carriage located near the entrance of Royale High in Earth. The carriage has no other function than to teleport the player to the Royale High new campus realm.

Drive-thru Movie Theatre

It is a drive-thru with a big screen TV beside the Earth entrance to Divinia Park.

Princess Tower

It is an accessible building. it displays the levels of players and they're accomplishments. There is also a room on the top which could possibly be a reference to Rapunzel 's tower. It has no access unless you fly.

The Café

The Café is a building with 2 floors and a glowing white floor and wallpaper. On Autumn 2019, The Café would be exclusively accessible. There would be an order stand a fire place with autumnal decorated blankets. While going to the order stands, there would be exclusive autumn drinks and food and an Alien Frappucino.

Lizzy's Tree

Near the carriage, there is a sign engraved into a tree that says;

In Loving Memory
Lizzy Winkle

Walking closer to the tree teleports the player to In Loving Memory of Lizzy Winkle, a realm made in memory of Royale High community member Lizzy_Winkle.

Retired Locations


The Hotel is a retired location in Royale High. It was an inaccessible tall building with a gold, and black color scheme. There was a red carpet following to the enterance. It is now retired and replaced by the Princess Tower.


The Hospital is one of the famous retired locations in Royale High. It was an inaccessible background location. It was a 3D building with windows and a big, red "+" on the middle of the building. It is retired and does not have any replacements.

Unnamed store

The Unnamed store was a store behind the previously placed fountain in the end of the map. It was a big, inaccessible, building with a big star on the front of the roof. It was also 3D. It is now retired and replaced by the Earth entrance to Divinia Park.

Violet's Flower Stand

Violet's Flower Stand was a small flower shop, it has no building. It used to be in beetween Sapphire and Designer Boutique. It is retired and has no replacements.

Exclusive Event Locations


The Cabin was an exclusive location for Christmas 2018. There were chairs with hot cocoa and a bunk-bed. The main item was the cookie stand. If you decorate the cookie stand with cookies, Santa would have come and delievered presents.

Sledding Hill

Sledding Hill was a diagonal field that would replace the Totally Harmless Pumpkin Patch. There were 2 Sleds that you can interact with. There is a maximum of 2 players per-sled.

Halloween Gate

The Halloween Gate was a big area with a fence surrounding. There was a Pumpkin Guessing Game, Food Stands and Halloween-exclusive minigames in the gate.

Totally Harmless Pumpkin Patch

The Totally Harmless Pumpkin Patch was a diagonal field. If you would walk there, Pumpkins would fall down and push you.

Earth Events

In October 2019, Earth took on the Fall/Autumn update. This included an appearance change to Earth and a find-the-candy Halloween Event at the designer boutiques.

As of the Fall/Autumn 2019 update the player can enter the Cafe and buy some Festive foods and drinks from last year but also a few new foods from this year. The cafe was later changed to a computer place in the Lunar New year update after the Apartment was down for maintenance. But now currently closed.


Players weren’t able to access any shops, as the developers announced they would release it in a future update. However, the shops were never implemented. Earth was replaced by Divinia on February 1st, 2019, however, Earth was re-released once again on August 31st, 2019.

Earth as of September 1st, 2019

The music found on Modern earth can be found here: - 'Red Carpet Ride' by John Shakespeare

Past Earth

In the past, Earth was a part of Enchantix High. Players could gain a 2D image, which would follow them. The images were of pets shown in the TV show Winx Club, as this is what Enchantix High was based on. Players could look at skirts, buy clothes for dances (where players would be teleported to when the dance time came), and explore the area.

Once Enchantix was updated to the version it is today, Earth was removed and was never seen again until September of 2018 when it was re-made into Modern Earth and used as a lobby (replacing the classic Diamond Beach).

Past Earth became unnecessary as the hair and clothing interface was developed, as players did not have to travel there to change their outfits. The lag for many devices was also a condemning issue for old Earth's removal from the game.

The music on Earth was a collection of songs from the show Winx Club and was also played in Alfea (The main Enchantix campus).

The Old Earth where only four buildings were ever used. Winx Salon (Left, blue), Fairy Boutique (left, white & purple), Love and Pet (Centre, Right, yellow) and Stella's Boutique (Right, bottom, pink). (Gardenia Luxury Apartments were never made available).

The Old Earth 'Winx Salon'. Image from Prism Gaming.