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The "Drama Queen" Toy

The Drama Queen is a Roblox toy produced and distributed by Jazwares, under license from Roblox. This toy is part of Celebrity Collection Series 4. The toy is similar in design to the Enchantress. The toy includes a microphone and stand accessory.


Royale Highschool, the hugely popular role-playing game from callmehbob, is home to many outstanding Robloxian students, but few of them shine as brightly as she does (literally speaking!). She dreams of becoming a famous Bloxywood actress and singer someday, so she attends drama club every day to practice her skills.

Roblox Reward

The "Drama Queen" hat

Upon redeeming the the virtual code that is included with the toy, the player receives the "Drama Queen" hat for their avatar. The item can be viewed in the Roblox library here: