To find the dorms, players can either head up the stairs near the hallway that leads to the Art Studio and Chemistry Lab, or they can use the elevator located beside the tables in the main area to teleport to the rooms.

How to get a room

To claim a room, players simply click on the heart next to the dorm. If it says "Move In!", there is a vacant room. Two people can live in the same dorm. To move out, you must click "Move In!" on a new dorm door.


Each dorm consists of:

  • A large main room with a piano, a table for two people (and plates for placing food from the cafeteria), a kitchen, a TV with two bean bags (currently the TV only shows a rainbow of colors fading in and out), and potted plants. There is also a dip in the center of the floor where some small seats are, with a small table in between.
  • Two bedrooms with a pink and blue door at the right of the entrance and at the back respectively. There are desks, mirrors, screens, balconies, chairs, bookshelves, ladders, etc. and basic furniture.
  • The bedrooms' furniture can be changed in the menu. The furniture can be painted if the player clicks the "Dorm" button at the top of their screen and then clicks "Furniture Paint Brush".
  • If the player sleeps in their bed within their dorm room for a certain amount of time, they will get messy hair. The hair cannot be removed through the dress up feature, or by changing outfits. To get rid of it, the player can go take a shower in the spa (Porcelain Thrones) and use conditioner, use a brush from the spa (Porcelain Thrones), or the player can reset via the Roblox menu.
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