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Not to be confused with Divinia.

Divinia Park is a realm added to Royale High on February 17, 2020. It can be accessed through the teleportation scepter or by walking into the cutout within Earth. The Fountain has been moved to Divinia Park and no longer can be accessed from Earth.

Divinia Park also had a flash raining event as part of the St. Patrick's 2020 update. When the rain had stopped, a rainbow would appear, and players could fly to a small cloud located underneath the rainbow. On the clouds were coins (one coin is equivalent to one diamond) and "Magical Clovers". Inside the clovers, you can win purchasable and non-purchasable  Saint Patrick's Day accessories.

During the Easter update, various eggs were hidden around the Fountain and bunnies would be hopping around the map with bunny name tags. There was an Easter Farm filled with carrots spread throughout. You could cause the bunnies to glitch into the ground by jumping on them or shoving them.


Divinia Park is a large map that contains many features. There are 500+ trees and around 500 flower bushes as well as additional benches, lakes, bridges, and archways spread across the park. Some of the trees have swings in which the player can be glitched.

There are two restrooms in the park and a brown house that has no interior decoration. Outside the brown house, there's a fireplace and a s'more's stand. There is also a stadium and dining tables players can order food/drinks from. Additionally, there are two greenscreens located on the map. There is a Fountain in the middle where players can "Wish at the fountain" For a chance to recive a halo.


There are a total of 13 chests that can be found within the realm. Each adds up to 5,750 diamonds in total.

  • Beneath the bridge where you spawn (250)
  • Under a grey bridge behind three gazebos (250)
  • Underwater behind a big waterfall (500)
  • Underwater in a cave next to a white bridge (1,000)
  • In an open field next to the targets area (250)
  • In the second stall on the right inside the brown resting area (500)
  • In the upper level of the brown house (250)
  • Underwater near the big tree in the middle of the lake (500)
  • Beneath waterfall in a small pond (500)
  • Behind the green-screen (250)
  • Next to a waterfall (underwater) in a small pond (1,000)
  • In a semi-cave under a hill (250)
  • In a small hole near the cave where chest 12 is (250)
  • In The House (250)



  • Divinia Park was mainly built by Beeism and was in development for 35 days.
  • WhailsArt helped create the tree, flower, and plant textures in the process.
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