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Not to be confused with Divinia Park.

Divinia was a realm added on February 1, 2019. It was created to replace the previous lobby of Earth for better performance[1].

It was originally a test server to see how many people can fit into one tight realm without any lag.

Divina introduced a lot of new things such as The new Fountain design, the appearance of Fountain Girl, The new collectable diamond look, and the grumpy voice.

On August 31st, 2019, Earth replaced Divinia again as a lobby, until Earth was made into a side realm with the apartments as the lobby. Divinia has since then been inaccessible, and appears to be retired. In Royale High's lore, it sank due to a major storm and can no longer be feasibly visited.


Designer Boutique

Main article: Designer Boutique

The realm features a Designer Boutique that serves as a hub for multiple Homestores created by Roblox clothing designers and creators. The Homestores feature hundreds of outfits that can be purchased or tried on. Currently, these outfits are not transferable to Royale High unless purchased and worn by your Roblox avatar. The player can travel back from the Homestores using the Teleportation Scepter on their Roblox Hotbar. This feature was brought to Earth and other realms after Divinia shut down.

Multiple hunts have taken place throughout the Homestores, such as the egg hunt for the Easter 2019 event and the candy hunt for the Halloween 2019 event.

Unnamed Store

The guard outside the Unnamed store

An unnamed store is located to the right of the Divinia Fountain of Dreams. There is a guard outside the store, and when clicked, states that the building is still under construction.

Later, after the Independence Day/Canada Day update was over, the guard later says that the store is no longer being worked on.

What was said as of 8/20/19

Town Wheel

Main article: Town wheel

The town wheel is located on the top of the unnamed store. The wheel is based off of "Wheel of Excitement" from Neopets. During late April (before the May update) and most of May 2019, the town wheel was removed. However, as of May 2019 (5/25/19), it's back up and running. This feature was introduced shortly after Modern Earth was introduced and has been carried over to Divinia, and was brought to Earth after Divinia shut down.

The Divinia Gate

Up until 7/4/19, this was Leon's dialogue when you clicked on him.

Up until 7/4/19, the gate was guarded by Leon, who, when clicked, explains to the player that the gates will be open soon. As of 7/4/19 (the American Independence Day 2019 event), the gate was opened so players could view a firework show to celebrate the 4th of July. It was then used for aesthetics.


The leaderboards and chairs of Divinia.

Three leaderboards are located on the middle section of stairs that showcase the Top Leveled players in the entirety of Royale High, the most amount of wins of Supreme Royalty by a player at the New Campus Ball, and the top-level players on the player's current server. The top Supreme Royalty and top level players get to sit in chairs reserved just for them.

Auction House

The Auction house building is located to the left of the Divinia Fountain of Dreams and left of the Designer Boutique, hinting what was supposed to be the trading area at the time. Players cannot enter the building, and there is a sign on the door which says "Coming Soon." The Auction house is no longer in service.

The Divinia Fountain of Dreams

Main article: Fountain

The 'Divinia Fountain of Dreams'

A new fountain was introduced in February 2019, which is located in the center of the realm. This fountain functions the same way as the fountain in Divinia Park.

The Mysterious Grumpy Voice

The Grumpy Voice "Password" response

A mysterious grumpy voice will talk to the player if you knock on the door of the hidden house, accessible by going through the archway in the centre of Divinia, behind the fountain. This area was never utilized, despite hints to possible features. Later, the grumpy voice has been revealed to be Captain Whiskers, as part of the new Diamond Beach's secret lighthouse questline.


Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 8.18.09 AM.png

The dock/walkway was used with the release of Sunset Island to add a boat that could be interacted with to travel there.

Special Events

Launcelot's Birthday

Divinia during Launce's Birthday

Occasionally there are special events that are only held within the realm of Divinia. An example of this was Launcelot's Birthday surprise that featured confetti, tables, and a large birthday cake, along with a "Happy Birthday" billboard signed by callmehbob and Sukimeki. The party music was also added to the event. Players were given sparklers named "Happy Bday Launce!" upon arriving in Divinia, and also could take a slice of "Launce's Chocolate Banana Bday Cake" from the tiered cake situated in front of the billboard and fountain.

Independence Day 2019

Main article: Independence Day 2019

The Independence Day 2019 event opened up Divinia's gates to a firework show. You were given a sparkler and free American and Canadian flags, there were two new items introduced during this event. Divinia's theme colors changed to red, white, and blue, to match America's flag and the sky was set to night.