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An image of the diamond counter in the menu, as of November, 2019.

Diamonds are the currency in Royale High, which can be used to buy in-game items and other interactive activities.


There are multiple ways to obtain diamonds:

  • Purchasing them from the currency shop with Robux, which can be found above the right-hand side menu, or tapping the diamonds icon.
  • Leveling up, which gives 300 diamonds without multipliers. With the 2x multiplier, the player receives 600, and with 4x, the player gets 1200. Owning both gamepasses gives 1800 diamonds.
  • Collecting diamond spawns in various realms
  • Going to the town wheel or fountain; depending on the outcome they may get diamonds or another reward
  • Winning Supreme Royalty at New Royale Ball.
  • Winning king or queen or doing limbo at the Classic Royale High ball
  • Participating in the Royale Universe Pageant in Sunset Island
  • Logging in every day to receive the login reward from the computer in the High Rise apartments
  • Finding chests that contain diamonds in it
  • Dancing with others at the New Royale Ball
  • Playing the Bubbles minigame, a minigame to prevent counter-measures against roblox's 20-minute timeout limit

Diamonds have also been given as a reward in various events, usually from designer homestores, chests, or diamond eggs. Additionally, diamonds can be gained through trading at the Intergalactic Trading Hub.


Players can purchase items such as Skirts, Shoes, Wings, and Accessories with diamonds. They can also purchase furniture for their dorm.

Diamonds can also purchase food at certain serving areas and ordering stations, or a room at Fantasia Getaway Resort.

Currency shop

Diamonds can be purchased with Robux in the currency shop window, named the Diamond Galleria. Gemma hosts the Diamond Galleria, where she farms the diamonds that are purchased. Star codes for Roblox Video Stars that prominently make Royale High videos are also featured for those needing to purchase Robux.

Current diamond purchase rates
Diamonds Robux price Ratio (Diamonds:Robux)
250 25 10:1
500 50 10:1
1000 100 10:1
2500 200 12.5:1
5000 400 12.5:1
12000 800 15:1
25000 1500 16.6:1
40000 2000 20:1
70000 3000 23.3:1
100000 4000 25:1
140000 5000 28:1
240000 8000 30:1

Old currency shop

Prior to May 8, 2020, a different shop and different rates for diamonds were used.

Old diamond purchase rates
Diamonds Robux price Ratio (Diamonds:Robux)
175 25 7:1
400 50 8:1
900 100 9:1
2000 200 10:1
4400 400 11:1
10000 800 12.5:1
18500 1450 12.76:1
26000 2000 13:1