An image of diamonds in the menu, as of November, 2019.

Diamonds are the currency in Royale High, which can be used to buy in-game items.

Currently, they can be obtained regularly by:

  1. Purchasing them from the currency shop with Robux
  2. Leveling up
  3. Collecting diamond spawns in various realms
  4. Going to the town wheel or fountain; depending on the outcome they may get diamonds or another reward
  5. Winning Supreme Royalty at New Royale Ball.
  6. Winning king or queen or doing limbo at the Classic Royale High ball
  7. Participating in the Royale Universe Pageant in Sunset Island
  8. Logging in every day to receive the login reward from the computer in the high rise apartments
  9. Finding chests that contain diamonds in it
  10. Dancing with others at the New Royale Ball
  11. Playing the Bubbles minigame, a minigame to prevent counter-measures against roblox's 20-minute timeout limit
  12. Sleeping in the apartments.

Diamonds have also been given as a reward in various events, usually from designer homestores or chests. Additionally, if the player's level is 75 or over, they'll be able to obtain diamonds through trading at the Intergalactic Trading Hub.

Players can purchase items such as Skirts, Shoes, Wings, Accessories, furniture, and food with diamonds.

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