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Diamond beach logo

Diamond Beach was a Royale High lobby. From there, players could go to Royale High, Fantasia Getaway Resort, or Enchantix High.


There were diamonds that randomly spawned in locations across the area. When touched, they would add a certain amount of diamonds to the player's balance, the most common amount being 1 diamond.

Unlike in Enchantix High, the color of the diamond does not result in a special amount. In Diamond Beach, however, diamonds could range from adding 1 to 300 diamonds to the Player's balance.

Private Oasis

During August of 2018, the lobby was changed to a smaller area. Within this smaller area was everything that Diamond Beach had, except for the diamonds. There were also fewer people allowed within the lobby. The private oasis was created to help with the new inventory function and to allow it to load before the developers added in the new Earth lobby, in which there was a high part count.


Diamond beach shell place

The Secret Shell room, which contained a Bed, a Light, A TV, and a Radio, which could play any sound in the roblox catalogue depending on which sound ID was entered into the Radio.

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