Designer Boutique

Designer Boutique building.

The Designer Boutique is a store in the Earth realm, originally appearing in Divinia. It is a transport hub to the clothing store games of select original Roblox clothing designers for players to browse their creations. When teleporting to these homestores through the Designer Boutique, users will be given the Divinia Teleportation Staff to be able to travel back to Divinia.

The Easter 2019 event's egg hunt and Halloween 2019 candy hunt took place in the featured stores.

Featured Stores

Store Name Designer(s) Thumbnail
Aesthetic Homestore colorless™ (Jaxless) Store-colorless
ALAMORT Homestore ALAMORT (design staff) Store-alamort
AngelicMou's Homestore AngelicMou Store-angelicmou
Antilique's Vet Clinic Antilique Store-antilique
Arctxic's Homestore Arctxic Store-arctxic
Auranie's Homestore Auranie Store-auranie
Avaeta's Homestore Avaeta Store-avaeta
BarbiesDreams's Homestore BarbiesDreams Store-barbiesdreams
Bazaar Boutique Bazaar (Chearrii) Store-bazaar
Céleste Homestore Céleste (Impxrfxction, Lutfi_Cookie) Store-celeste
COLDSOUL Homestore COLDSOUL (Blizzei) Store-coldsoul
cSapphire's Clothing Store cSapphire Store-csapphire
DopeSir Homestore DopeSir Store-dopesir
Dreamstore Kiouhei Store-kiouhei
Epik Clothing Store Epik Clothing Designs (EpikShadowz) Store-epikclothing
FL!P FL!P (design staff) Store-flip
Flatline Homestore Flatline Garments® (Mugalo) Store-mugalo
Fuzzys Homestore Fuzzy's® (design staff) Store-fuzzy
Ghouls Homestore Top Royales Magazine (design staff) Store-ghouls
GirleMango's Homestore GirleMango Store-girlemango
Haunted Mansion - Designer Halloween Clothing Featured Designer Showcase Store Store-hauntedmansion
Honey-Milk BOUTIQUE Honey-Milk (design staff) Store-honeymilk
H & M HOMESTORE H & M (Kemosabiy) 514a35e40a9180798a296a941cd1e618
Japonesque & Zelante Homestore Japonesque & Zelante Store-japonesque
JinxyJill's Homestore JinxyJill Store-jinxyjill
K0maki’s Garden Home Store k0maki Store-k0maki
KelseyAnna's Homestore KelseyAnna Store-kelseyanna
Kittzilla's Homestore Kittzilla Store-kittzilla
Lollganz' Homestore Lollganz Store-lollganz
MahaIo's Homestore MahaIo Store-mahaio
Marliina's Clothing Marliina Store-marliina
MiIabu's Homestore MiIabu Store-miiabu
Miki's Clothing mikistuviox Store-mikistuviox
MiracleDrops Homestore MiracleDrops Store-miracledrops
MISS . HOMESTORE missmudmaam Store-missmudmaam
Miss Homestore MissRileyLane Store-missrileylane
MissShu's Homestore MissShu Store-missshu
Mockeries Home-store Mockeri Store-mockeri
mrmudman Menswear HOMESTORE mrmudman Store-mrmudman
Nutest's Art Gallery NUTEST Store-nutest
Okayish Designs Homestore Okayish Designs (design staff) Store-okayish
Pasteila Designs Homestore Pasteila Store-pasteila
Pasty's Homestore -PASTY- (chi1y) Store-pasty
PRIDEST HOMESTORE pridest (phosil) Store-pridest
ROCK$TAR Homestore ROCK$TAR (Karah_ly) Store-rockstar
Sensei Homestore Sensei* (design staff) Store-sensei
Simplys Apparel Dropped Souls (SimplyALemon) Store-simplys
Siskella's Homestore Siskella Store-siskella
Slinkizy's Apparel's Closet Slinkizy Store-slinkizy
SoulStreets Clothing SoulStreets Store-soulstreets
Sparklings' Garden Sparklings Store-sparklings
Strátus Homestore Strátus (design staff) Store-stratus
Sylenia's Homestore Sylenia Store-sylenia
Tiger ® Homestore Tiger ® (design staff) Store-tiger
vond™ homestore vond™ (design staff) Store-vond
Wish's Mini Homestore WishfulDreams1 Store-wishfuldreams
Zeppah's Homestore Zeppah Store-zeppah
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