Closet_Skeleton is a Graphic Designer for Royale High, Enchantix High School for Fairies and Mermaids as well as Fantasia Hotel. He began working on the game in May 2017 making him one of longest running developers of the game.


If the player meets him in game, they will receive the badge "You Met the Graphic Designer of Royale High!".

The description reads: "He designs the wings, makeup, locker door decorations, thumbnails, illustration art, clothing and literally everything else picture-related you see in the game, ever. He stays up late with his coffee drawing everything free-hand style. Anything you see on the screen that is magical is because of Closet_Skeleton! He also designed for Enchantix High!" However some makeup designs, thumbnails and clothing are created by other independent creators and not always by him.
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The badge awarded when meeting Closet_Skeleton.


Closet_Skeleton had a twitter account at where he posted and retweeted Royale High content. He often tweeted a good morning message with a image of a person drinking copious amounts of coffee. He tended to have periods of activity, before going on hiatus.

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