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Classic Royale High (formerly called Royale High School) was released in the beta update of November 22, 2017. The map contains many classes, as well as a cafeteria, dorm rooms, and a nightly school dance which spawns on the football field. Classic Royale High is now used as a less-lag/crashing map for players, as said when using the Teleportation Scepter.


Attending classes and passing them grants the player XP, which, in turn, levels them up. Bringing the assigned textbook for a subject gives additional experience for leveling up in the class. If a players misses a class, they will automatically get marked an F.

After every class is attended by the player, the player will be assigned homework once all the classes are over. When players are done with their homework, players will be able to turn in homework in the turn in boxes by every class, gaining players extra XP.

Cooking class

Cooking class was near the math class and SQ. It also had a sign saying "Coming soon!" but just like the SQ, It was never added to have its true purpose. Cooking class was added on November 22, 2017.

Math class

The math class was a previous class in the Classic Royale High and is no longer in the game.

The math class is currently not available for players and players could not attend it. It was originally placed where the old campus bakery was and is no longer there as it was deleted for the bakery update. The math class was added on November 22, 2017. Basing on the appearance of the class, it can be assumed it was planned to work as a 4-corners style game where the player had to stand on the corner with the correct answer of a math equation.


When art class starts a painting will appear on a large screen in front of the class. Players are intended to paint the same drawing on the screen onto the canvas and will be graded by how much of the painting they have finished correctly. If players have finished before the given time, they are free to leave or paint on the canvas again. Depending on what players choose, players will still receive an A.


Baking was originally added from Enchantix High and was implemented into the newer Royale High and the Classic Royale High. Players will be able to select a baking station and follow the steps provided to bake cupcakes. Players are graded by how much of the baking process is completed. This is currently the only place where trash cans are implemented on the whole campus.

Before the cupcakes are baked, players will have the option of what flavor of what the cupcakes should be and the color of the cupcake liner. Once the cupcakes are baked, players will also have the option to customize the appearance of the cupcake. Once cupcakes are customized they will be able to hand the cupcakes out to different players or keep the cupcakes for themselves.


Players attending the class will be teleported to a room where there are seats floating above water. Players must avoid falling into the water at all costs and try to stay above water until the class is over. Once chemistry class has started, players who attend the class will automatically be teleported onto one of the seats. Once players have been teleported onto the seat they will not be able to get off the seat until class is over or if the player falls into the water. Once chemistry has started a range of colored flasks will appear up top of the player’s screen, players must replicate the sequence shown from left to right using the flasks down below that they can click on.

Players are racing against their fellow peers by pressing the flasks until there is none left quick enough for that round and players are meant to keep doing that until class is over or until they fall from being too slow. Depending on how many rounds players have survived, you will get an A+ grade. Once the player has failed no more sequences of flasks will pop on your screen to follow along with, instead you will be free to leave the class.


A sentence would appear above the player's screen that they would have to type within thirty seconds. A total of five random phrases will be given. They will be graded by the amount of sentences typed correctly and how fast they are typed. Full stops and punctuation marks are not required to complete the sentence. If all of the players complete the sentence correctly and within the time limit, the new sentence will appear immediately.

These sentences include:

  • Are you going to the dance tonight?
  • If I sleep in, I'm going to be late for class
  • I left my jacket in my dorm room!
  • I attend Royale High at the castle.
  • I am earning jewels for my crown.
  • I am the best in computer class.
  • I already did all of my homework.
  • I ordered a yummy drink at the cafe
  • I enjoy doing homework in the cafe.
  • I saw a mermaid in the school swimming pool
  • I memorized my locker combination!
  • I'm going to my dorm for the night.
  • It's going to be cold later tonight.
  • Let's bake a cake for our friend's birthday!
  • Let's bake cookies tonight!
  • Let's go study in the library and grab a drink.
  • Let's take a midnight swim tonight.
  • Meet me in the castle gardens at midnight.
  • Mixing potions in chemistry is easy!
  • What realm do you come from?
  • My books are in my locker.
  • My friends and I are in a band
  • My dorm is in the highest tower!
  • My Kingdom is rather far from Royale High
  • My friend is stuck in detention in the dungeon.
  • My journal helps me focus on my studies.
  • We are having a sleepover tonight, and you are invited!
  • We are creating a new friend club.


English Class takes place in the Lecture Hall, where there is a large board displaying varying spelling-related questions, alongside four answers. Players must select the correct answer before time runs out. Players will be graded by the number of correct answers.

When players get an answer wrong the board will bring up a prompt saying if the player has gotten it right or wrong and colors in the right one with a green coloring.


Players are free to play on the pianos and drums provided when teleported to the music class. Players are welcome to leave that class once teleported if wanted. However, players won’t be graded besides the book check.


Players attending P.E go to a automatic-generated obstacle course with a big bell at the end to be pressed to indicate that the course is finished. Parts of the course include a track with hurdles. Players must sprint and jump over obstacles and swim across a swimming lap. The players who have completed the course will be able to ring the bell and wait till other players have completed the course or until class is over to move onto the next class.


When players are teleported to Swimming class there are platforms above the pool, along with a spinning rod that indicates as an obstacle that players will have to jump over in order to not fall into the water. Some players will be teleported onto a black line which the game indicates as a seat for players to sit on, making it easier for players to get a good grade in swimming.

The player's goal is to fall into the water as little as possible. Once class is over the following players attending the class will be grading to an F to A grade depending on how many times they have fallen.

Other Locations

The Ballroom

The ballroom spawns only during the event of the Royale Dance/ball . The Royale Ball has two events in which you can earn diamonds, which is the limbo, and the crowning of the king and queen of the ball. The ball's main use was to have players interact with each-other/role-play and try to be crowned king/queen of the ball. There are many food items that could be obtained at the ball such as punch, cookies, and brownies. Once a person is crowned king/queen of the ball they shall receive 500 diamonds along with a bouquet of roses.

( More information on this can be found at the Dance page underneath the "Classic Campus" section)

Student Quarters

The SQ area had a sign at the front of it's door saying "Coming Soon!" but It was never added to have it's true purpose. It was near the Math class. The SQ was added on November 22, 2017 and was removed on an unknown date. Before it's removal the SQ showed washing machines inside of the area. The SQ was replaced by a balcony.


The Café is a place where players are free to buy drinks whenever they want. It is located by the top of the building otherwise known as the sky tower, and it is by the theater and the computer class. In the front it has blue countertops and a white counter. There are some donuts displaying in one of the cases, while the other one is displayed empty. You cannot buy these donuts, as they are only for display.

Players can purchase drinks using the in-game currency, otherwise known as Diamonds at any time of the day. The price of the drinks is slightly expensive than the cafeteria. It can be reached by taking the main elevator from the first floor up to the sky tower area, a small staircase is also accessible to the left of the café, which leads to a zip-line connecting the Main Building to the "Student Chambers".


Outlook of cafeteria

The cafeteria in the Classic Campus includes 6 tables for players to choose to sit at, a place for players to order food and a lookout of the Football field. It is also by the chemistry class as well as the bakery, and is upstairs as accessible by players by walking up the stairs or flying.

About Cafeteria

The cafeteria is only available at the designated times which are lunch and breakfast. Players can buy food by one of the side ‛‛stores’’ by the cafeteria tables with the in-game currency. Once you have ordered something a yellow text in the chat will appear stating the players username and what they ordered and if it is ready.

Castle Gardens

The Castle Gardens is a garden located to the left of the football field and has a beautiful scenic landscape for players to look at or to walk around in. It had a long grassy landscape, a lake and a cave.

About Castle Gardens

The Castle Gardens was meant to be a scenic landscape for players to enjoy, including a bunch of things to do and an eye-pleasing scenery. The area was concealed by large grey walls. This area was not known by many players and many players do not remember it. Unfortunately, it was removed with the 2018 Valentine’s update for unknown reasons.


The dorms (also known as the Student Chambers) in the Classic Campus require a key to open which is given to the player once they have claimed the dorm. Players can choose the right room or the left room, looking almost identical. There is also an hallway leading to the door for the outside balcony which players can access by walking up to the door. The hallway also includes some posters, two bean bag chairs, a book, a plant and a small fireplace.

Dorm Appearances

Both rooms are almost completely identical, though players can upgrade or add items by clicking the pink heart key up at the top of the players screen saying ‘’Dorms’’. After the player has clicked on it there will be a prompt saying ‘’Furniture store’’ this is where players can buy different beds and accessories for their room. Players can paint their furniture for free.

The rooms are located on the sides of the hallways. Both rooms include an alarm clock, a bed, fairy lights, clothing rack, curtains, a chair, a computer, a desk, and an air vent. The left room also contains a mirror by the bed unlike the right room.


Drama is currently not a functioning class. However, the classroom is still present alongside a homework turn-in center outside its entrance. It is located upstairs and is accessible by taking the elevator or by flying; it’s classroom is also located by the sky-tower library, computer lab and the café.

About Drama

Drama is not a functioning class at this time. The classroom is still present for players to visit, as well with a functioning homework turn-in center. It serves no purpose in the game currently, and it is just for decoration. Beside the entrance inside, there are three different colored bean bags on each side that are functioning and usable. There is a red path leading to the front of the classroom, leading to the director seat next to some differently colored couches that players can also sit on.

Alongside that, players can see a lift where they have 5 different podiums for different players' usernames; behind the podiums the classroom also includes a golden see-through curtain for players to walk through or look out of.

Football Field

The football field is in the distance from the cafeteria and quickly accessible for players to fly or walk there. When the dance is starting a building will appear in the football field since the dance takes place there.

About Football field

On the night of the Royale Ball the field is filled with water at night and by 8:00 P.M, the structure for the Royale Dance is spawned; for the reason why the football field is filled with water is for the structure. The ball ends at midnight, but is still usable until 2:00 A.M. Since the football field serves no true purpose, it is only useful for roleplay, although the Royale Garden was located next to the football field.


This area is located on the second floor beside Computer Class and the Café, containing many bookshelves. It can be accessed by taking the elevator, or by simply flying. However, there is no actual use for it. A connected viewing room can be accessed through a ladder behind the library sign. The viewing room has two floors with seats. So far, there is no purpose for the room other than for roleplay. There is also a zipline from here that leads to the dorms area.

Student Prep Rooms

Players can start or finish the day in the Student Prep Room, known as the Spa in New Royale High. There is actually two Student Prep Rooms, one near the entrance to the dormitory, and one higher up near the higher dorms. At 6:00 P.M., players can be teleported to the Student Prep Room to prepare themselves for the upcoming dance. There is a spa bath, as well as private shower rooms and vanities.