Classes are Royale High's way of gaining EXP, in which a student attends to earn EXP to level up. Currently, there are 7 classes to fully attend (listed below). After students have completed a class session, they will be graded. How the students are graded depends on the class they just attended and how successful they are at completing the class. A tip to get an extra boost in EXP is to obtain all the class textbooks from the locker.

  • The A grade
  • The B grade
  • The C grade
  • The D grade
  • The F grade

The grade a player receives depends on how many other players complete the task (depending on the class). Grades players can get in class are A, B, C, D and F:

  • The player can achieve an A grade when they get 100% (or close to) in a class, though in some classes it is possible to receive an A grade only by accomplishing the goal (e.g. completing the painting in Art class).
  • B is received if the player failed a small part of the mini game, but still participated (e.g. Falling during Swimming Class more than 1 time).
  • C is received when the game gets the idea that the player wasn't trying and represents that they barely passed.
  • D is a rarer grade and is almost never seen.
  • F is when the player fails completely, usually if the player does not attend the class or complete the required task during class.

Classes (New Royale)

Art, Baking, Chemistry, Coding, and English classes have books that can be taken from the lockers. Therefore, they have book checks. If players bring the books to class, they can get extra EXP.

Art Class

Players must paint their canvas according to the big canvas at the front of the classroom. If a player is faster than others, they can get A+. People who aren't the fastest can get an A if they finish the painting. There is a book check.

Baking Class

Players must choose a baking station within the baking class building and follow the instructions. The series of tasks mainly require the players to click keys and hold their mouse. Players will be graded by how much of the baking process they have completed. There is a book check.

Chemistry Class

Players must do a sequence of pictures that coordinate to the order shown on their screen. If they aren't fast enough, they will be dumped into the pool in the classroom. Players need to win at least one round to get an A, and be faster than others to get an A+. There is a book check.

Coding Class

Letters appear on the player's screen and the player must type them. If a player is faster than others, they can get an A+. People who aren't the fastest can get an A if they participate. There is a book check.

English Class

Players must compete to be the fastest to click the correct option on the whiteboard. A sentence is provided. There are 4 options in total and 3 options' spellings are incorrect or are incorrect in the sentence. There is a book check.

RobloxScreenShot20180613 090830763

The old music classroom

PE Class

In PE class, there is an obstacle course that players must complete. These obstacles include:

  • Diving board to jump off
  • Pool to swim through
  • Sweeper to jump over
  • Platforms to jump across
  • Trampoline to jump on
  • Hurdles to jump over
  • Hoops to fly through
  • Bell to ring when players finish the course

Players must reach the end of the obstacle course before the timer runs out. Those who reach the end and ring the bell to signal that they have reached the end get an A. There is no book check.

Swimming Class

Players must jump over a moving pole without falling. If they do fall, their grade might fall. People who still do fall can still get an A or an A+. The people who do not fall get an A+. There is no book check.

Classes (Old Royale)

Computer Class

In computer class, there is a sentence at the top of the screen that players need to type in the chat faster than anyone else. There is a book check.

Note: players don't need to type punctuation or capitals to gain points

Computer Class Phrases:

  • I'm going to my dorm for the night.
  • I am the best in computer class.
  • My kingdom is rather far from Royale High
  • Mixing potions in chemistry is easy!
  • I ordered a yummy drink at the cafe
  • I saw a mermaid in the school swimming pool
  • Let's bake a cake for our friend's birthday!
  • My journal helps me focus on my studies.
  • My books are in my locker
  • I am earning jewels for my crown.
  • If I sleep in, I'm going to be late for class
  • Meet me in the castle gardens at midnight
  • Are you going to the dance tonight?
  • I memorized my locker combination!
  • Let's bake cookies tonight!
  • It's going to be cold later tonight.
  • My friends and I are in a band
  • I attend Royale High at the castle.
  • Let's go study in the library and grab a drink.
  • I enjoy doing homework in the cafe.
  • We are creating a new friend club
  • I already did all of my homework.
  • I left my jacket in my dorm room!
  • My friend is stuck in detention in the dungeon.
  • Mixing potions in chemistry is easy!
  • My dorm is in the highest tower!
  • Let's bake cookies tonight!
  • Let's take a midnight swim tonight
  • Meet me in the castle gardens at midnight
  • What realm do you come from?
  • We are having a sleepover tonight, and you are invited!

Swimming Class

In swimming class, players are teleported to a platform above the swimming pool. There is a sweeper that players must jump over. If players fall off when trying to jump over the sweeper, they must wait 3 seconds before being teleported back to the platform. Swimming class does not have a book check.

PE Class

In PE class, there is an obstacle course that players must complete. These obstacles include:

  • Hurdles to jump over
  • Ladder to climb
  • Platforms to walk over and balance on
  • Platforms to jump over
  • Pool to swim through
  • Short walls to jump over
  • Pole to climb
  • Bell to ring when players finish the course

In PE class, there is no book check.

Music Class

In music class, there is no minigame or objective. Players are teleported to a classroom with lots of pianos and drum sets. To play the piano, players must sit at the bench by the piano, and type with their keys. There are sheet music options. The piano is much harder to play on mobile. To play the drums, players must sit in the chair by the drums, and simply click the drums. There is a book check. Music class is only available at the old campus.

At the new campus, there is a recording studio near the ballroom without a function. It has been suspected that it will be the new music class in the future.


In English class, there is a large whiteboard in the middle of the classroom with a sentence on it, with a word missing. Players are given 4 ways to spell the missing word, and they must click which option they think is correct. After everyone answers or 20 seconds pass (whichever occurs first), there will be a pop up saying how many people answered the question right. (Example: 2/4 people got this question right!). There is a book check.

Chemistry Class

In chemistry class, players are teleported to a desk above a pool of slime (or green water). When the class begins, there are different colored chemicals on the top of the screen, and near the middle of the screen, there are different colored chemicals that players need to use to match the chemicals on the top of the screen. If players don’t match the chemicals fast enough, the desk disappears and players are dumped into the pool of slime. There is a book check.

Baking Class

In Baking Class, players must choose a baking station, then they must start making the batter for cupcakes. Things they will have to do when making the batter include slicing butter, cracking eggs, pouring milk, whisking batter etc. When the batter is finished, players can choose a cupcake flavor and color for the wrappers. Next, players put the cupcakes in the oven to bake for 15 minutes game time (15 seconds real time). Next, players get the cupcakes out of the oven, frost them, and decorate them with toppings. When they are done, players can either take all of the cupcakes for themselves or give them to others. There is a book check.

Art Class

In art class, players are given a paintbrush and are teleported to a canvas with their name on it. In the front of the room, there is a painting that players must copy on the canvas using their paintbrush. There is a book check.


Old Campus

RobloxScreenShot20180613 090842280

The old English Classroom

Art: Up the main stairs (from the lobby) to the right

Baking: In the Bakery next to the cafeteria and above the Swimming Pool

Chemistry: To the left of the Bakery, also left of the main staircase (from the lobby)

Computer: Up the elevator in the center of the lobby to the right

RobloxScreenShot20180613 090856530

The old Swimming pool

English: To the right of the elevators in the lobby (The Lecture Hall)

Music: To the left of English class called Performing Arts

PE: This course only appears when class is in session. General location is left of the football field

Swimming: In the Swimming Pool to the right of the bathrooms at the spawn point

New Campus

Art: In the Art Studio, which is next to the Chemistry Lab

Baking: In the Bakery (pink and purple building) behind the Swimming Pool's waterfall; has a path of wooden boards and rocks to cross the lake

Chemistry: In the Chemistry Lab, which is next to the Art Studio in the hall opposite from the staircase leading to the dorms

Computer/Coding: In the Library next to the Lecture Hall, at the top of the main stairs and left of the Porcelain Thrones

English: In the Lecture Hall left of the Library

PE: The majority of the course only appears when the class is in session; expands from the Swimming Pool to the Lighthouse

Swimming: In the Swimming Pool


Art: During Art class, the board at the front of the classroom has a painting on it, which the player must recreate on their own easel using the color palette that appears on the bottom of the screen. If a player recreates the piece over and over again, they receive more points, although as of the last update creating the piece once gets the player an A, but by recreating the piece, the person with the most points will show up at the top menu. If players recreate the painting before anybody else, this will give the player the highest grade.

Baking: In Baking class, the player is required to bake some cupcakes! The player is graded based on flavor and look of the cupcakes. By clicking the “Start Baking” button at the desk, the player claims the work space and can start using the GUI, and will start by dragging down cupcakes to cut butter, after more instructions are given, the player gets the option to choose different flavors for the cupcake. The player is then required to bake the cupcake and then chooses a flavor for frosting and the option to add toppings. The player also gets the option to name their cupcake in the top right corner of the game screen. They are finally given the option of either giving away their cupcakes to other players, or taking them. In the new campus, the class timer has decreased.

Click this link for more info on Baking.

Chemistry: Same as in the past, the player will try to click a variety of potions in a certain order before everybody else. The slowest player falls into the water. The top two players receive A's. This timer is much quicker in the new campus, and the amount of potions players must click per round has decreased.

Computer/Coding: In the past, computer class was made of the player typing out sentences that the game gave them, and saying them out in public chat. Players would compete to receive the most points to receive an A+. As of the new update players are given a string of random letters (A-Z). Players compete to see who can type out the most of that string of letters.

English: The same mini-game is in place as in the past. Players are given a sentence with a blank and are then given 4 options of the spelling of the word that's missing. The game tells players how many students participating were correct. In the new campus however, they are graded at the end of each question from A-F.

P.E: The mini-game is only slightly different compared to the old mini-game. Players race each other under a time limit. Although every player who reaches the end receives an A , the player who finished first is seen at the top of the GUI. The player goes through an obstacle course near the Swimming Pool waterfall, and then fly to the lighthouse. Every finishing player rings the bell and the players that don’t make it get an F. Flying was not involved in the old Royale High campus PE class. This mechanic is more similar to flying school in Enchantix, including the collection of diamonds, and makes the new campus PE class a hybrid of both Enchantix and the old campus versions.

Swimming: Same as in the past, the player has to jump over a giant spinner while balancing on top of small circular platforms, this build disappears after Swimming has ended. Sometimes the spinner in the new campus can spawn with four arms, similar to the one in PE class.

Music: This class did not have a mini-game mechanic on the old campus. Players could play the piano by sitting in front of it and using their keyboard to play the notes, the same as in the new campus. Drum sets were also available, and they could click on the drums, once sitting down, to make sounds. Music class is not available in the new campus but instruments are. Its speculated that the recording studio may be the new version of this class once its released, and confirmed by callmehbob to be coming with the new dance at some point in the future.


Here are some link to the main pieces of music used in the Royale High old and new campus.

Chemistry Music 1 (Old Campus): ( - 'Airglow' by Laszlo

Chemistry Music 2 (New Campus): ( - 'Surge' by Noisestorm

PE (Old Campus): (  - Rocky Theme

PE (Old Campus): ( - 'Eye of the Tiger' by Survivor

Computer (Old Campus): ( - 'Supernova' by Laszlo

Swimming (Old Campus): ( - 'Jump' by Klaypex

Art (Old Campus): ( - 'Able Sisters - Sable and Mable' from Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Baking : (

(If links are broken or songs are missing please let us know)


  • In the old build, there was a Drama Theater and a debate book that was used for a few hours 3-20 days before the campus switch. There were 5 podiums that were set up for the debate class. The class had a homework hand-in center near the entrance like the other classrooms. The room had a big circular stage with a curtain through the middle of it, and many chairs for people to sit and watch performances or debates. It is located in the sky tower next to the library.
RobloxScreenShot20180613 090937095

The old drama room

  • There was once a math class that existed where the bakery is now on the old campus. It did not have a respective book and the class was never used. There were 4 bubbles in each of the corners that had simple numeracy puzzles. The room had 3 entrances and a homework hand-in center.
  • Next to the old Mathematics class was a teaser for "Cooking Class" in room 204. It featured a giant spoon on the front of it but was empty inside. Next to it was an entrance to more dorms but was also an empty room.
  • There is a glitch on the old campus swimming class that would allow the player to sit above the podium, and achieve a top grade, as the arm could not reach the player and knock them down. This can be achieved by sitting on a toilet seat before being teleported to the podium.
  • There was also a glitch on the new Royale High campus, that allowed the player to fly above the podium during swimming, and fly past the obstacles during PE.
  • If players want to acclaim the D grade in Royale High, they can attend baking class, do the classes up till the breaking of eggs.
  • During swimming class there is a glitch that lets you jump and press "Dress up!" mid jump. You will stay suspended in the air above the bar until you exit out of the dress up mode.
  • There is a glitch in pe, if you fly to the wooden flight podium before the class actually starts, you will not be teleported to the start, but you can fly to the end of the course and still get an A.
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