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Christmas Town was a realm built by Beeism added on December 12, 2019. It replaced Earth for the Christmas 2019 event.


Many buildings could be found around the map, including a clock tower, homes, and the cafe. The cafe was the only building that was usable, where players could order drinks for diamonds.

In the realm, there was also a train that would go around the map. The path the train took would take the player through various ice tunnels around the map and under the map itself as well. There was also a Ferris wheel and a carousel you could sit in. Both were light blue and had decorations of snowflakes on them.

A Christmas tree located at the center of the map allowed players to pay 175 diamonds to decorate an ornament to attract Santa. Santa would come the following night of the Christmas tree being full, accompanied by the sounds of ringing bells. Once he came, gift boxes would spawn around the map, mostly in the town area. Stepping on one of these gifts would give you a random reward item from either the Christmas 2018 or Christmas 2019 events. Players were only allowed 1 item per wave of gifts, and no duplicate items could be awarded.

During Christmas/2020, there was a new building known as Luxury Highrise Apartments. Interacting with it can teleport you to Apartment's lobby.


Different colored diamonds spawned randomly around the map along with random values. In this realm, diamonds were changed from their usual gemstone/heart shape to a snowflake shape. Diamonds were also hidden in multiple chests around the map on December 25, 2019.

The Fountain

A new halo, the Winter Halo 2019, Winter Halo 2020, was introduced on December 12, 2019, along with new winter and Christmas themed stories written by Kateka22 and contest winners.