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The Christmas event in 2020 began on December 1st. Christmas Town returned from the 2019 Christmas Event. New accessories were made available and some items were reworked.

New Items


The following accessories from previous years were reworked with the update:

Daily Gift

25 gifts, including items made by cristal_fl0urite, JamJooJoo, Vioncii, ReddieTheTeddy, OceanOrbs, ixchoco_, and Saltehshio, were planned for release over the event. There is a different daily gift available everyday until December 25th.

It costs 75 diamonds to send a gift to someone on the player's Roblox friends list, with customizable postcard and gift box, along with writing a letter to the selected friend. Only one daily gift can be sent to a specific player from one account a day, and any player can receive a maximum of three gifts a day.

The gift must be gifted through a friend for the advent calendar to recognize you had obtained it.

Day Gift Image
1 Magical Fairy Lights
Magical Fairy Lights.png
2 Snuggly Reindeer Slippers
Snuggly Reindeer Slippers.png
3 Reindeer Crossbody
Reindeer Crossbody.png
4 Sparkly Candy Cane Ears
Sparkly Candy Cane Ears.png
5 Merry Sparkly Dress
Merry Sparkly Dress.png
6 Glittering Noel Bows
Glittering Noel Bows.png
7 1,000 Diamonds
8 Sparkly Christmas Bells Earrings
Sparkly Christmas Bells Earrings.png
9 Light-Up Ornament Necklace
Light-Up Ornament Necklace.png
10 Personal Snow Flurry
Personal Snow Flurry.png
11 Crisp Air Puffy Jacket
Crisp Air Puffy Jacket.png
12 Polar Bear Beret Cap
Polar Bear Beret Cap.png
13 Sparkly Snowflake Skater
Sparkly Snowflake Skater.png
14 1,250 Diamonds
15 Gone with the Wind Bow Headband
Gone With The Wind Bow Headband.png
16 Flower Vines Arm Beauty
Flower Vines Arm Beauty.png
17 Warm Winter Lantern
Warm Winter Lantern.png
18 1,500 Diamonds
19 Winter Wings 2020
Winter Wings 2020.png
20 Warm Glittering Cloak
Warm Glittering Cloak.png
21 Fuzzy Warm Frost Hat
Fuzzy Warm Frost Hat.png
22 1,750 Diamonds
23 Winter Snowglobe
Magical Winter Snowglobe.png
24 Twas the Night before Christmas
Twas the Night before Christmas Wings.png
25 Huggly Snuggly Booties
Huggly Snuggly Booties.png

Gifting Rewards

The "RH Gifting Event 2020 Completionist!" badge

Two accessories and a badge were released for players who obtained the gifts from days 2 through 25.

Name Image
Angel Halo
Angel Halo.png
Angel Wings
Angel Wings.png

Winter Guardian Set

A new set, exclusive to the month of December and January, Winter Guardian, was released on December 9, 2020. The set has versions for both Woman and Boy bodies. It was modelled by ReddieTheTeddy and the concept was made by CHROMASTASIA.

Name Price (Diamonds) Image
Winter Guardian Aura Antlers 8,000
Winter Guardian Aura Antlers.png
Winter Guardian Thermal Bodice/Tailcoat 24,000
Winter Guardian Bodice.png
Winter Guardian Enchanted Sleeves 20,000
Winter Guardian Enchanted Sleeves(Woman).png
Winter Guardian Snowstorm Skirt 35,000
Winter Guardian Snowstorm Skirt(Default).png
Winter Guardian Glacier Boots 30,000
Winter Guardian Glacier Boots(Woman).png

Santa's Gifts

Santa can appear in a similar fashion as 2018's event & 2019's event, but by decorating the tree with ornaments for 175 Diamonds each. The number of ornaments the tree has increases the likelihood of Santa appearing that night, but it does not need to be filled. If it is filled, a star will appear on the tree, preventing players from adding more. When Santa comes, he leaves presents that can either give 2018 Christmas Accessories or 2019 Christmas Accessories. Santa can give you a total of 26 gifts.

If the player has all the 2018 and 2019 Christmas accessories, players can get duplicates of up to 3 items. These accessories were temporarily disallowed from trading during the event, but were made tradeable again after the event.