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The Cherry Blossom Kimono Skirt is a skirt released on April 30, 2020. It is part of the Spring Cherry Blossom item set.

The item is intended to work with the Woman or ROBLOX Boy Bodies. The appearance slightly changes to fit between models. The difference on the ROBLOX Boy body is that the skirt is slightly longer.

It was created by ReddieTheTeddy.


Color 1 affects the kimono for the Woman body and Boy morph. Color 2 affects the flowers and the tomoeri for both the Woman morph and Boy morph.

This item can be colored with colors as well as patterns. Patterns on Color 1 will affect the kimono for the Woman morph and the Boy morph. Patterns on Color 2 will affect the tomoeri and set the flowers to an approximate related color of the pattern chosen for the Woman body and the Boy body.

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