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An example of the customization menu.

Character customization is an option available for all players in Royale High. Customization comprises of roleplay names, character profiles, clothing made by individual designers, body types provided by ROBLOX, and hairstyles, skirts, heels, mermaid/merman tails, faces, wings, and accessories created by the Royale High team and its player base.

Whenever the player goes into Dress-Up mode, a symbol will appear over their heads to indicate that they are changing. Players can also click the eye button on the lower right to hide other players while they are changing.

Free Options


Players are able to use any animations that can be found in the Roblox catalog.


Every player gets a default crown of a random color. Every 2 levels, players can spin the Gem Wheel for a chance to get a gem of varying shape and color for decorating their crown. Every 10 levels, players then gain a spin on the Crown Wheel for a new crown. At the moment, getting new gems or crowns is disabled/removed; the reason for this removal is unknown.


All hairstyles are available to players. The player can also change the color of their hair. The free options include blonde, golden blonde, natural red, red, light brunette, dark brunette, dark gray, deep black, blue, cyan, green, pink, purple, and white.

  • Blonde
  • Golden Blonde
  • Red
  • Natural Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Cyan
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Light Brunette
  • Dark Brunnette
  • Light Black
  • Deep Black
  • White

The "120+ New Hair Colors + GLOWING Hair Pass!" gamepass which costs 50 Robux, gives players more hair colors to choose from; they can use the "More Colors!" section to view the additional hair colors, which can be filtered by the following:

  • Blonde
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Brown
  • Black
  • White
  • Ombre
  • Multi-color

Around June 2019, players with the same game pass were able to access glowing hair colors on a limited amount of hair colors, provided there is a button on the lower right of the color's thumbnail.


The player can choose from a variety of outfits for either gender. When hovered over, the outfit box will display the creator(s) of the outfit. Categories include:


  • Outfit
  • Swim
  • Sleep


  • Outfit
  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Swim
  • Sleep


The player could write in information about either themselves or whatever character they are roleplaying as, which could be seen by other players when they are clicked on. The options for one's bio include:

  • Bio
  • Likes
  • Talents
  • Best Friend
  • Favorite Sport
  • Favorite Food
  • Hobbies
  • Dislikes

With the "Paintbrush Pass!" gamepass, players are allowed to customize their bio’s background color, box color, and text color.


The player can edit their face in Royale High with lots of options. There are several categories of options for makeup:

  • Girls Makeup
  • Boys Makeup
  • Custom Eyes
  • Custom Lips
  • Custom Marks

Body Types

The player can edit their body type for their character. There are several categories of options for body types. A few bodies are made by some Royale High players.


  • Girls
  • Fantasy
  • Space
  • Jobs
  • Animal
  • Boys
  • Night
  • Ninja
  • Pirate
  • Sports
  • Punk
  • Spooky
  • Winter
  • Outfit Comp.
  • Royale Favs

Purchasable items


Main article: Wings

Wings are animated accessories that flap every few seconds. Some of them give off particles or special effects. There are 17 categories of wings:

  • Galaxy Magic
  • Delicious Bakery
  • Xtra Elementals
  • Sailor Scout
  • Earth Collection
  • Water
  • Ice
  • Light
  • Nature
  • Fire
  • Dark
  • Halloween
  • Autumn
  • Christmas
  • Valentines
  • Lucky
  • Limited (used to store limited/seasonal wings)

Seasonal wings, primarily for big holidays are released for a certain amount of time before they go off-sale.


Main article: Heels/Boots

The older heels change the players' legs to a slim leg model with no knee joints. Newer heels and boots increase players' height and pertain to their legs.

Beginning May 2019, all heels and boots were now given access to be customized with fabric designs.


Main article: Skirts

Varying 3D skirts are available.

One skirt, Midnight Mademoiselle can only be obtained by buying the fabric designs gamepass for 50 Robux.

Mermaid tails

Main article: Mermaid tails

If a mermaid tail is added to the player's avatar, their current clothes disappear. If the player removes the tail by hiding it, their clothes are replaced with their usual Roblox avatar's clothes. Players can change their clothes after applying the tail to their outfit.

Mermaid tails give off water splash particles whenever players walk, swim or fly around.


Main article: Accessories

Accessories served as extra customization to the player's avatar. They can be ranged from hats to face accessories. There are 6 categories of accessories:

  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • New Years
  • Valentines
  • St. Patricks
  • Easter


Players can save outfits and they can immediately change into said outfits by clicking the "Wear" button or typing the outfit name in the chat. Players can also apply a total of 2 effects that will appear before they change.

Outfits can have their names changed, be overwritten, or completely deleted.


  • There is a chance of whilst changing the color of a skirt or deleting items, the heels may glitch. Take off the heels and simply add them back on.
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