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Calinpj04 is a scripter for Royale High. His most notable contributions to the game are the scripts for the quests during the New Year's 2021 event and the functionable boats for Divinia Park.


If a player meets Calinpj04 in game, they will receive the "You Met Scripter calinpj04!" badge that reads:

An essential member of the "crimus crew", calinpj04 is the mastermind scripter behind the New Year's Quests and Ball Drop Ceremony, Valentines Update, Easter Egg Hunt of 2021, Summer 2021 Quests, Halloween 2021, and much more! He's an extremely passionate, talented, and kind - Don't be afraid to say hi!

In-game appearances

Calin has appeared as a NPC in game on some occasions.


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