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Pixiieed Pixiieed 2 days ago


so this is a random tryout ig

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Cheekygoose11 Cheekygoose11 6 days ago

Help! Is my halo exploited or is it my wifi?

My video will not upload so I got a hal20 in a trade yesterday ,the person I got it from seemed to have no problems with it . It moves perfectly fine just with get slow and laggy but then moves fine. Is it my wifi or is it an exploited halo

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Saretta2200 Saretta2200 9 days ago

Is spam jumping banned in royale high archery??

Hello, today I was playing battle a la royale. A group of players told me to stop spam jumping. I don't think it's banned, but they said they'd report me. Now I'm confused because I spam-jump only to avoid getting hit and lots of people do spam-jump too. Is it forbidden?

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Coffee renee Coffee renee 10 days ago

Royale high set concept

I made a set concept for Royale high :) let me know what you think and rate it in comments ! Please add a price for the set! I’ll choose a lucky winner.

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Minnimallowy Minnimallowy 10 days ago

Why RH Sets Are Getting Expensive

Recently, there has been a lot of commotion in the RH community, most specifically in the RHTC, about the recent rise of prices of set items in the shop. Most of the response has been negative, bringing to attention the incapability of RH players who don't have gamepasses or multipliers to obtain set pieces. So, today, I'll be explaining just why the sets have been getting so expensive.


The following post is my opinion only. Please don't go asking or harrassing the devs why this is happening.


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Kiixqx Kiixqx 15 days ago

Royale high bodies and prices

Why are the royale high sets so expensive? like, its so difficult for a poorer rh player to afford and takes a ridiculous amount of money, time or both. also, why cant there be more body types?

not to mention you have to spend so much robux to get so little diamonds. its not even worth it bro.

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Cybr.moonz Cybr.moonz 16 days ago

none of my friends want to :`)

any of you guys want to do a photoshoot w/ me??? i've been doing them alone for the past week and i wanna see if other people would do it with me

seriously, if you're interested pls comment ur user mine is cI0wn_n (I is an i) and we can do a group photoshoot or a two person shoot :}

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Basic Stuff

Basic objects in royal, that I recommend you have!

(this is my opinion, you can always add things or deny something I say)

I recommend these objects since they go with all kinds of oufit and it is always useful to have them!

- Heels / shoes:

  • Dear dollie
  • Bat-Mo-Heels
  • Gothicutie or D. Dreams shoes (new set)
  • Mon Cheri Tea Party Platforms
  • Shadow Boots

- Skirts:

  • Ballroom Entrace
  • Dear Dollie
  • Pleated Skirt
  • Peppermint Princess Skirt
  • Darling Valentina or Royal rebel skirt

- Wings:

  • Ghostly
  • Divine Messenger
  • Up in the clouds
  • Love Fairy

- Accs / items:

  • Any beret
  • Spring Bucket Hat
  • Sailor Hat With Bow
  • Any Flower Crown
  • Freshwater pearl necklace
  • The New Dream Coat jacket
  • Pageant Diamonds Earrings
  • Sparkly Heart Hoop Earrings
  • Sweet Cherry Earrings
  • Elf Ears (any)
  • Socks
  • Any Sunglasses
  • DtoD Fl…
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YukiSadieMc212121 YukiSadieMc212121 23 December 2021

some cute outfit and accesory hacks for Xmas

hello! so this is my first blog and i wanted to say not to hate me pls :/ am fr new at this app.


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Mxddiedxancer Mxddiedxancer 16 December 2021

Aesthetic cookies

cookies cookies ok see me at royae high add friend me at my profile in roblox pwease:)

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Amyfir1 Amyfir1 10 December 2021


If someone gifted you in a specific day and you open it days after, Would you still receive the item that was given on the day it was sent?

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George The Dino God George The Dino God 9 December 2021

Royale Vogue - Purple Promise

Its finally here- Purple Promise! Our beautiful rosie velvet looks are here

Look below!

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Prettysavages Prettysavages 7 December 2021


Not going to be as active as I used to be anymore. Only the OG's remember me. I unfriended some of my ex-friends from Roblox on this wiki so, if I unfriended you, it's my polite way of not liking you anymore/you are boring as heck. I come visit this wiki sometimes, just to see new gossip, and tea on what's happening in this new Christmas event. Thank you for your time, I don't appreciate it.

@AverageUser777, I never said I didn't like you. I said thank you for your time, because this is a useless-but-not-really post.

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Agentcaitlin1 Agentcaitlin1 4 December 2021

ROYALE HIGH photos of meh

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AphroditeGirl AphroditeGirl 3 December 2021

Aphrodite Talk

Welcome to my blog. You can talk to me about anything in Royale High, but I can't guarantee that I can answer questions about it because I haven't known Royale High my whole life. I only know as far as Royale High 2018.

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Msl8397a Msl8397a 30 November 2021

My info

Hi, just so you know, I dressed up as a boy in Rh bc I just want to. And Im non- binary

Please write back

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ViatheAverageHuman ViatheAverageHuman 26 November 2021

Set Concept: Snow Angel

Um so I was bored so I created this random set concept! The set is called Snow Angel and it also has a halo to go with it!

This is my first time making a set so it’s kinda bad but rate it 1-10!

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Arab baby Arab baby 23 November 2021

idk a raindow story (part1 se1)

coming soon...

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Kusawaka Kusawaka 23 November 2021

How to farm diamonds easily for No gamepass and Gamepass

Hi everyone!

Im a royale high player who has been playing the game for 2 years now, and i have discover multiple ways to farm diamonds easily !

So for today's blog is going to help people on how to farm diamonds with gamepass or no gamepass!

These are the ways i use to farm diamonds:

  • As a f2p in rh, i dont use any gamepass which is a lil bit harder to farm, but i will mostly get 1k diamonds a day, or if i play longer, 3k diamonds a day.
  • Everytime i log in, i would always go to my apartment. And go to the bed to gain exp. (NOTE THAT GAINING EXP CAN LEVEL YOU UP AND MAKE YOU GAIN DIAMONDS)
  • After i go to sleep, i go and log in to the computer to grab diamonds. (MAKE SURE YOU LOG IN EVERY DAY SO YOU WILL GET THE MULTIPLIER , HAVING A HIGHER CHANCE …

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Eliza1bethistop Eliza1bethistop 17 November 2021

Cute dog

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TimTheToast TimTheToast 13 November 2021


hello person

im super bored and want to see your favorite outfits so i can get some inspiration

if you want id really appreciate if you could comment a picture of your favorite characters/outfits in rh

thanks for anyone who does

im not very creative

send help

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Msl8397a Msl8397a 10 November 2021

My royal high outfits

Hey, Im new to this community and I just joined yesterday. Please feel free to reach out to me and help me learn more about what I should do. Plus it would be really helpful if any of you can join in the public royal high campus server. look for me jumping up and down with the divine messenger wings. Its not mandatory and if you don´t want to do it, that´s fine by me. Lastly, if you want to join, freind me on Roblox at Bloodcrystal23 in the friends section. Also one more thing before I go and make posts, is that all of you are very sweet and very amazing. Don´t ever listen to people who bully you.


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MxlkySxbrrys MxlkySxbrrys 8 November 2021

Roblox Outage

Since the recent Roblox outage, i've not been wanting to play as much. Idk why. I might start playing during Christmas, as many games have sales and other perks then.

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Momsonlygirl Momsonlygirl 3 November 2021

New Gothcutie Boots!

These are by far the best boots i have ever bought and worn! I love the way they look and how you can customize it And it makes me look taller XD

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Artweirdo Artweirdo 31 October 2021

my homosexual life

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ImJustAThingLol ImJustAThingLol 28 October 2021

Royale high outfit hacks

Miss lady rose bodice and colour the band ur skin colour

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Mia rose Mia oia Mia rose Mia oia 27 October 2021

Monika hoge 🎶

Hi im monika im music club and i was playing piano and i live to my family and i was love sing and dance i hope my life bye bye come to me if you want i help you and i teching you piano hehe bye ✌✌✌

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Cherristy Cherristy 27 October 2021

Diamond farming !! ?

Hello! So I´ve recently spent all my diamonds on the new and old halloween sets (as one does), and I´m in desperate need of diamonds!! If anyone could drop some diamond farming tips in the comments i would highly appreciate it

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ジェミニ ジェミニ 16 October 2021

Royale Hih Roleplay!

I'm making a Rh roleplay about a cerial killer that goes to an Japanese shool where she go's to court & basiclly has to try and look inncoent at school while, eliminating her rival's.

Here are some of the role's!

Akari Mineta (The cerial killer.) Open!

Background charactar's! (Female)

Mikari Orahashi Open!

Reta Mushasan Open!

Saiko Suki Open!

Background charactar's! (Male)

Tsuyo Toko Open!

Ari Tamashita Open!

Yowai Jiko Open!

The rivals. (ALL GIRLS BTW!)

Yamiko Kikende Open!

Chichi Majesutikku Open!

Miyu Loveilua Open!

Shaian Shizukana Open!

Annye Boiren Open!

The detective's.

Megamui Warui Open!(Female)

Chijirio Sarachi Open! (Male)

Sāsha Kyū Open! (Male)

The journalist Jchimachi Sumire (Male) Open!

Love interest (can be a boy or girl :)

Shinara Mowakana(Fema…

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Pom Pomeranian Pom Pomeranian 13 October 2021

Notifications are brocken

Notifications are brocken right now, I don't even know why, and no one (I think even the mods) can see their notifications. I know you're all annoyed right now so I found this bug fix. To enable your notifications go on another wiki, like creepypasta, backrooms and more. If that dosen't work well, idek what you will do.

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Somestupidgirlontheinterent Somestupidgirlontheinterent 11 October 2021


hello, recent;y (last night) my friend hacked me and transferred my royale high stuff to his account. He took my halo, sets, and diamonds! what should i do?

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CommanderMaxie CommanderMaxie 7 October 2021

Collections - An Explanation about Them

Royale High is known with its wide range of items, in which some are grouped together and given a label. Players generally know these as Sets, though they also get one thing confused with them and other groups of items. These other groups of items are known as Collections.

  • 1 What are Collections?
  • 2 Babydoll Adorable
    • 2.1 Why is it not a set?
  • 3 Charming Prince
    • 3.1 Why is it not a set?
  • 4 Exquisite Emerald
    • 4.1 Why is it not a set?
  • 5 Goth Lolita
    • 5.1 Why is it not a set?
  • 6 Pumpkin
    • 6.1 Why is it not a set?
  • 7 Very Cozy
    • 7.1 Why is it not a set?
  • 8 Sleigh It
    • 8.1 Why is it not a set?

Collections are groups of accessories, with an approximate range of 2 to 11 items in it. They do not necessarily make complete outfits as they either just consist of small accessories or have conflict …

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BeautyBelle5678 BeautyBelle5678 5 October 2021

Royale High on ROBLOX!!!

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YourLocalModel YourLocalModel 27 September 2021

im broke in rh im freaking out- and im grounded im scared i wont make enough diamonds for the update AAAAAAAAAAa

✨b r o k e✨ 🙄🙄🙄🙂🙂🙂

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Pom Pomeranian Pom Pomeranian 22 September 2021

Outfit Hacks

Using the same items might get boring since you wear then in an endless loop so I got your back.

1.-Frog with wings. To make this you need the Angeloid hair clips and Froggie bucket hat.

2.-Stylish corset. To make this beautiful bodice you need Miss lady rose bodice and worm corset.

3.-Puppy Beret. To look sugary sweet you need Mon Cheri Beret and Valentina Puppy Ears

I know more but I don't want to make this page too long.

Song used to make this page: Groovy Brass made by AmorAltra, go sub to him

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Eggshells1 Eggshells1 8 September 2021


Hi, I used to show my Halloween concepts but I sadly got logged out. Which is why I made this account. I will be doing concepts like I used to. I will try to post daily (I might post again today)

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I'm new to this wiki...

I'm new to this wiki, but old in royale high....

Who knows what to do in this wiki?

Tell me what to do in this wiki.

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Animiliq Animiliq 2 September 2021

Royale high art/Discussions/Q&A/ About me

Heyo! I am animiliq and well I am here to guide you to my best ability about me

  1. I am OBSSESED with vampires I said on a previous message most of my Ocs are Vampires so yea I am that obsessed
  2. I tend to be active but I forget easily so… y e s
  3. My gender is Female but I love to boy troll it’s hilarious for reactions I had a uhhm not so appropriate experience so. Yea ;———-;
  4. I AM NOT CRAZY OVER IT BUT! I like K-pop. Yea I do…
  5. I am Horrible at drawing humans so that’s why a dragon is my Pfp
  6. I am Bisexual :)
  7. I am saving for the winter guardian and Mon Cheri sets
  8. I AM PLANNING to start my own wiki
  9. this is enough about me….. This Is a WIP by the way so I’ll try to stay active as much as I can

I am saving to get: the royal rebel sleeves

HMMM 7k-100k

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Pollyastupididiot Pollyastupididiot 1 September 2021


I have seen a cringe picture of one of my saved avatars my little sister made 💀💀💀💀💀

Picture is currently in my files 😭😭😭

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PinkieApple54 PinkieApple54 31 August 2021

Roleplay Ideas

So I'm looking for some roleplay ideas. Also if I think of any roleplay ideas, I'll put those in this blog post or in the comments.

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Ancientdorito Ancientdorito 24 August 2021




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AnimalcrossingaddictXD AnimalcrossingaddictXD 12 August 2021

Sakura’s backstory part 6

This is part 6 I’m running out of intros okay- Sakura and Layla walked across the water to the islands. They didn’t find anything important there so they went to the garden shop. There was nothing there but Ocean, the owner of the shop. They told her about the clue and she agreed with them to check the mountains. They went to the mountains and found a note. It said, “Just wait. -Mom”. Listening to the note, they both waited a few minutes, about to turn back, then they heard a voice saying “I’m right here.” They both turned around, seeing their dad behind them on the picnic blanket. They weren’t in the mood to give him a hug or anything, like most kids would be- instead, they were angry- and asked, “Why were you so mean?” No answer. They pr…

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AnimalcrossingaddictXD AnimalcrossingaddictXD 12 August 2021

Sakura’s backstory part 5

This is part 5 sorry for leaving u waiting for the next part with part 4- I just wanna make it interesting- Sakura looked at her sister and asked, “What’s your name?” “It’s Layla”, she responded. “Why have I never met you before?” Then Layla launched into an explanation about why they had never seen each other before. “Well, when we were only three, I was tired of your dad’s abuse and ran away. I found a new home and lived there up until now. I see you have found out about your powers also.” “Yes, I have known about them for a while.” The two sisters continued talking. “Are you on the search for dad also?” Sakura asked. This made Layla stop. “You mean, the notes and all that weird stuff?” “Yes. And why were you disguised as a ghost?” “Well…

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AnimalcrossingaddictXD AnimalcrossingaddictXD 11 August 2021

Sakura’s backstory part 4

So I thought about where I left off from in part 3 and here is part 4 thank u for reading! Sakura reread the note and took it with her to the cave with the coded entrance. She spent hours trying to find out the code and eventually got it right. She looked inside and found a pirate ship that looked abandoned. There was another note there but instead of looking at it right away she walked around the ship trying to find her dad wondering if he was really there. Eventually she just decided to read the note. It said: “Sakura- I see you have found the cave and cracked the code. You are probably looking for someplace to look for your dad. Well, I believe this is the last note I am going to leave for you. Take this advice- go to the lighthouse on …

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AnimalcrossingaddictXD AnimalcrossingaddictXD 11 August 2021

Sakura’s backstory part 3

Before reading this I recommend checking part 1 and 2 first, otherwise this might not make sense. Sakura goes home from school and decides to try to find her parents. She knocks on the door. No answer. The door was unlocked, so she decides to go in. Her parents are nowhere to be found, but there is a mysterious note on the table… it reads “Sakura- if you are reading this, then I’ll have you know.. I have died. Sorry I was so mean to you . I just didn’t know what to do. And when I left you outside…. That wasn’t me. It was your dad. I tried to get him to stop.. but he just couldn’t take it anymore. If I was the one deciding I would have kicked him out instead. He threatened to hurt me if I started treating you like a normal person. He cared…

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AnimalcrossingaddictXD AnimalcrossingaddictXD 10 August 2021

Sakura’s Backstory part 2

This is part 2 of my new oc’s backstory. If you haven’t read the first one you will probably understand nothing in this blog. (this is not going right off the previous one, this is like 2-3 years later). Sakura, now 10 years old, in the past year met a pack of wolves and was raised furthermore by them. She still doesn’t fully understand her powers as there are lots of things she doesn’t know about them yet. After a year of being raised by wolves Sakura decides to look for human parents. She walks over the water into the town and knocks on every door there. No one would take her.. except for one family. They were very happy to get a new kid and were excited to learn about her. Since her parents had abandoned her when she was 7 she still wo…

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AnimalcrossingaddictXD AnimalcrossingaddictXD 10 August 2021

Sakura’s backstory

This is the backstory for my new oc. If you see random letters then go into the discussion I have with photos that go there. It might not be the most up to date but know I tried. Sakura was just a normal person. She went to school, made friends, you know all the basic stuff. But her parents were very strict and mean and whenever she got an A or less instead of A+, they would bully her and she would lock herself into her room crying. And that happened a lot. So one time, when she got a C on her math test, the parents couldn’t take it anymore and kicked her out of the house (picture A). She knocked on all the other doors and no one answered. No one would take her inside for shelter and eventually she decided to go on the close island and jus…

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Yoshimi'slight Yoshimi'slight 2 August 2021

This happens everytime XD

Lol! every time I be Bastet in the royale high Egyptian pageant theme, I. always. win first

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SimplyChoco SimplyChoco 12 July 2021

Royale High Names

You Need An Idea for Royale High Name?

Here Are some:








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Queensamara2019 Queensamara2019 11 July 2021


today im playing roblox so follow me to join me

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