• =^..^=

    accessory photos!

    August 15, 2019 by =^..^=

    hi! I will post photos of accessories here.

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  • Vivi184lars


    August 13, 2019 by Vivi184lars

    how to color be glowing

    if ask barbie be updating about more glow colors?

    I saw found glowing!

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  • ReonoahSprings
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  • Bis4BayPeyton

    Cute Edit

    August 10, 2019 by Bis4BayPeyton

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  • SavageHulk

    Hello and greetings to all,

    I do not know how to start this but, the new update is impressive, i mean having phones is what we all wanted, but here's a little glitch that came up with the update, it's the key binding glitch.

    So, what is happening is before the update was released, my keys were all binded to useful animations for my Role-plays, and now after the update, all the animations are gone, and only a few left which are saved on my keyboard, and everytime i bind them, they would not be saved after i leave the game and rejoin.

    I hope for the Royale High developers to find and read my post, because we all want this precious game to be more successful "It already is >v

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  • Onthereal88

    YouTube Roleplay

    August 8, 2019 by Onthereal88

    Hey everyone! I madce 2 videos of Royale High Roleplay. I thought maybe some might enjoy it!!

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  • SupsaSof

    Accessory Hack :)

    August 6, 2019 by SupsaSof

    Hey there! I'm new to all this Royale High Wiki stuff, so sorry if I'm doing something wrong lol

    Idk if someone already found this out but I hope its useful! 

    (little story time, u can skip it if u want)

    So since the Wheel came out there were these cute and awesome glasses I really wanted, Prescription Glasses. In real life, I do use glasses and I find them as my signature look. I've always tried to get them no matter what, but I always end up getting diamonds lol. So one day I decided to try  something new with my other accessories.

    What u will need:

    ~ Fashionista Sunglasses

    What  to do:

    First, put on the Fashionista Sunglasses. Then, for Color 1 put on black (or any other color) and for Color 2 put on white or light blue (I used white in my scr…

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  • IiQreamz


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  • Lissykitty101


    August 3, 2019 by Lissykitty101
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  • Lovelyangel2

    sorry for not screenshotting when i had 25 000 diamonds, hehe, anyways.. I am so excited to buy the new heels! Like, who isn't?

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  • Lovelyangel2

    I have 22700 diamonds currently. I am saving up for the Dear Dollie Ribbon Heels I'll let you guys know when I'm halfway through!

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  • Xmeimori9

    Windows Generations For Royale High.

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  • Sillyjada07

    The fountain has many stories and the possibilities their could be. You know the videos of how to get the halos...Their Fake. So if their fake there is a possibility that every story has a special ending to get the special halo(s) for the different seasons. The amount of diamonds don't count either, it's also a way to lose diamonds which sucks, or the possibility of the luck of a chance within the story too so yeah. That's my theory. Silly out -w-

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  • Chloe Is A Weeb

    Face Glitch

    July 28, 2019 by Chloe Is A Weeb


    For the past 2 ish weeks, I have been dealing with a bug...

    I have been unable to change my in-game face and the face is the face of my Roblox avatar.

    I can't change it and its very annoying.

    any tips or similar cases... please comment.


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  • NekoPotatoX3


    i saw this teAaaa on a comment of a vid,

    not sure if its real

    but if it is





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  • Lovelyangel2

    My friend said: " I lost my 12K diamonds " I was shocked, she didn't deserve that, it's a glitch. she totally didn't deserve that Can someone report this to @nightbarbie on twitter? I personally do not have twitter but i think someone here does.

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  • NekoPotatoX3

    Hewwo! Its meh again, and i have more Acessory Hacks :3

    First one!

    Made by : iigamergirlii

    i dont know how to call it

    You'll need :

    Spring Circlet and Not From Earth Antennae 

    1 - Put the spring circlet

    2 - put the first color as *any color* 

    3 - put the second color *any color, not the same of the first, i think white looks good :3*

    4 - put the not from earth antennae with the same color as the second color of the spring circlet



    Created by : Meh

    You'll need : Candycane swords and Dear Dollie Laced Back Bow

    1 - Put the candy cane swords on the Sparkly Black Color

    2 - Put the bow,, the 2 colors on blac



    Created by : ??? , I saw on cybernova's channel

    You'll need : 

    Super hero mask and kawaii sickness

    1 - wear the super hero mask

    2 - put…

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  • NekoPotatoX3


    I saw some acessory hacks and decided to post here!

    some i saw on yt, others i created!!

    first one!

    Made by : Me!! (I think xp)

    i like to call it as "Double Crown"

    You'll need : Ice Queen Crown and a Normal Crown 

    1 - put your normal crown

    2 - make the ice queen crown the same color as the normal crown

    ta-da!!! Next!!

    Made by : Me again XP (I think)

    I like to call it "Dangerous Gloves"

    You'll need : Punk Bracelets and Long Elegant Gloves

    1 - Put the gloves, any colour

    2 - Make the bracelets the same colours



    Created by : ??? , i saw on cybernova's channel 

    i like to call it as "CLEAN DA BALL!!"

    you'll need : Crystal Ball gamepass, to have the crystalball, and cheerleader pompoms!

    1 - put the cheerleader pompoms with the 1 color as (any colo…

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  • NekoPotatoX3

    Hiii! My first time talking here ;-;


    does anyone know when trading will be out?

    REEE ;-;


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  • Tictactori

    Vip server!

    July 20, 2019 by Tictactori

    Here's the link to my vip server, that I made today! If it doesn't work, send me a friend request! User: tictac_tori :)

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  • Eclipse1012

    Here's the link to my friend's VIP server ;-;   Link:

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  • UwuChibiChan

    yay  wee git tuh fanalleh se sansset eyeland :DDDD

    Anywho,  since the new and flashy realm is coming, I'm sure that there may, with a 50/50 chance of no, be new accessories, heels/boots, wings, and skirts. Since it's the summer time, and you know, there are winter wings, there'll probably be some wings that are tropical beach summer related. Also, I twitter stalked @cristalpony1982, and watched Cybernova's vid seeing that there's a skirt and a pair of heels that were found in the shop. The skirt was called Dear Dollie Ruffled Skirt and the heels were Dear Dollie Ribbon Heels. I'm not sure, but I have a gut feeling it was just added as a test, but who knows? It may be added in the update or may be added some time in the future. https://twitt…

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  • SummerLoveSky

    Missing you...

    July 15, 2019 by SummerLoveSky

    All my heart. ❤️🧡💛💚💙]]

    Me and my bestie have been separated for six years. We finally met. This is a tribute of all the horrible years that has gone by.

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  • 111SomeRedHead
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  • Ajelinanna
    Yesterday I was playing New royale high and when the time for the results of the ballroom came....anayone won! The results never announched, I dont know why. This is why I am posting this post. 
    Also, today I cant collect any diomonds from divinia. I dont know why. I just want to tell me if this happens to you too, or it is a personal problem. 
    I write this post to let CALLMEHBOB now about problems that must be solved. I dont know if they are problems or just the new realm coming out.... but I just want to let you know....
    Please answer me in the post if you know whats wrong...
    ♥♥♥ROYALE HIGH♥♥♥
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  • Ajelinanna

    Hey guys, do you know when the new realm coming out? I am super excited for that and next week I am leaving bc I will go for holidays. I don't want to miss it. If someone know when the new realm coming out please tell me in the comments of the post

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️Royale High❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • AutumnalBreeze

    Seems like a lot of people are giving diamond tips! I'd like to give my own as well! These will be sorted by location for convenience. More will probably come later!

    • Don't roleplay unless you really want to. Focus on acquiring your diamonds first.
    • Make a list of the things you want to get with your diamonds, making sure to prioritize the items you want. This ensures that you have a diamond goal and you stick to it.
    • Don't eat food that you have to purchase, especially in Classic Royale. You can get away with it in New Royale because the food is rather inexpensive, costing between 8-12 diamonds on average, and you can easily replenish your diamonds. However, in Classic Royale, the meals are much more expensive, and you can't get diamonds while …

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  • Animekitty1600

    Royale High

    July 4, 2019 by Animekitty1600

    Hey guys! I can’t wait for the Royale high new realm!!

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  • Leahgrace111

    Ok if you love royal high like I do you should all be up to date an leaks I am loving them especially from Barbie her self

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  • Heyitsnessa12345

    Fans of Royale High

    Fans of Roblox

    Should play royale high!..
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  • Hope Petalz

    Save problems

    June 23, 2019 by Hope Petalz

    Ok um i keep getting my save set to right before i bought my kawaii sickness mask! Anyone else? I dont have a twittr so i cant post. :c

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  • Username uwu

    hi these are some of the edits i made i know they are bad but do not make fun of​​​​​

    them ok?​​​​​​ and dont steal them either because  they have my  username on them

    so you cant do that

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  • Azziki101

    there's a new skirt

    June 8, 2019 by Azziki101

    so there's a new skirt.  It's known as the pleated skirt, and it costs 5,500 diamonds.  

    In my opinion, it's very cute but short, a lot like the other miniskirts.  It would look great with a Japanese schoolgirl outfit, but it looks good also with the Miss Lady Rose Bodice.  It allows designs, and allows two colors.

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  • Hurricaneirene999

    I seen no boys here so idk 

    I am boy 

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  • SplattyContributor

    Exactly what it sounds like.

    When I go to the discussions page on my computer it says "something went wrong". The discussion page loads for a split second then does that.

    I can do it on iPad, does anybody know what's wrong/what I can do to fix it?

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  • Misherii

    New outfit

    May 4, 2019 by Misherii
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  • Misherii


    May 4, 2019 by Misherii

    Hey guys! I just want to ask y'all a question.

    If you could have one halo for free, which one would it be and why?

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  • Misherii

    Mermaid Outfit!

    May 4, 2019 by Misherii

    The Queen Of The Ocean skirt and the Miss Lady Rose Bodice go so well together. Just look at this outfit I made with both of them!

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  • SplattyContributor

    I'm pretty sure if this is happening to other people then everybody already know about it, but I haven't seen it happen to anybody else except for my one friend.

    So basically she has (or claims to have) magically got every item in the game. I've seen her with the valentines parasol, unicorn horn, dark halo, Halloween halo and valentines halo.

    She claims not to have the light or Easter halo, but still says she has "every item in the game" apart from those.

    She says she won't report it to callmehbob and I don't have a twitter or discord sooo.. Will this issue be fixed for everybody or only those who report it? I personally hate the idea of her having (basically) every item in the game without working for it since I work hard for diamonds in pr…

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  • Misherii

    Town Wheel

    April 23, 2019 by Misherii

    Can someone explain to me what is happening here?

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  • ToastBiscuits

    long story short i got bored and wanted to see if there was a height limit to divinia and ended up above the clouds.

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  • SplattyContributor

    So, I just recently started playing Royale High a few days ago, right? But I'm a player that usually uses the default robloxian, the blocky type, and I would rather not play Royale High with 2.0, 3.0 or any other skinny package just because I don't like the look of it on my avatars. But as most of you would know, Royale High is freaking targeted at 2.0 and 3.0 packages. I can't use body towels and I can't wear the miniskirt, and I basically wasted my diamonds on it as well as a pair of socks I bought. I have managed to make some avatars and outfits that I do quite like even without 3.0, but I want to know what dresses/skirts I SHOULDN'T buy, because of the same issue the miniskirt has. Right now I'm aiming for the Dragging Train Roses skir…

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  • KaceyUwU

    On the fandom app when I search up Royale High I don’t see the page so I have to go on the website, but I don’t know how to join the Royale High fandom on the website. So if you guys know can you please show me how. Thanks UwU.

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  • NightBlueSkye

    I pretty much have an issue where I can't go to classes (yes I know, there's a Call In Sick option, it's good for roleplayers and all) but I left that option off throughout the entire thing, I didn't even activate by accident or for some reason, and still, there's no interaction (e.g., be able to teleport to your classes, basically, no events, but I can accept dance requests and cupcakes). Does anyone else experience this problem? 

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  • Susannah Chan

    Me in December 2018- oh I think I'm gonna get the adorable new winter boots!

    (A year later)

    Me in March 2019- Wait wasn't I supposed to get those boots?

    Oh I might still have the time! 

    (Looks in shop and sees boots off sale)


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  • LumineTheSkinnyLegend3
    • Note - this page is a fan page. It is for the purpose of sharing thoughts and ideas. Users can freely edit this page to contain their halo story ideas. Page trolling will not be accepted**

    This page may be used to share ideas for fountain stories! You can add your story using this sort of template:


    User: LumineUnicornWiki

    Halo type: Seasonal (Lucky Halo)

    Then you can start typing out your halo story!

    Also note that this page will be converted into a TalkPage in future!

    For now, have fun ^.^


    Halo Type: Seasonal Lucky Halo

    you are about to drop your diamonds in the fountain to make a wish, when suddenly, you see the Easter bunny drop a golden egg. One of your friends says “let’s steal it” and another says “let’s give it…

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  • SparklesRainbows

    Outfit Ideas

    March 19, 2019 by SparklesRainbows

    Outfit ideas?

    I have:


    -Royal Stroll in the garden

    -Magical Guardian of Love and Justice

    -Real life mermaid

    -Secret Fairy On earth


    -Guardian of the light


    -Pink Unicorn(can't renember the name)

    -Soft ocean Breeze


    -Wedges in wonderland

    I also have the Hair and Fabric Colour Gamepass

    I have no halos.

    Btw,are there any tips to get halos?Thx!

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  • April0131

    On the wiki, I just added a new page titled "Royale High Soundtrack." I've found a couple of the songs that were used in the game on YouTube, and I've put the links on that wiki. However, I need your help with the rest! There's only three songs on the wiki, and there are dozens more to be found! 

    If you happen to know the title of a song that's ever been used in the game, here's what to do!

    • First, make sure the song isn't already posted on the page. 
    • Get some sort of link to the song! (Youtube links are reccomended) 
    • Go to the page (scroll down on this post!) hit edit, and paste the link into whichever category you see fit.
    • Done! You just helped the Royale High community immensely!

    I'm not sure if many share my feelings, but Royale High uses a lot …

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