• GamerGirl7506

    Autum Town

    October 21, 2019 by GamerGirl7506

    Autumn Town, A place we all know from last year has been brought back today for Royale users to explore. Some people do not know where to get the candies and that's why I am here to show you how to get candies!

    Apple Bobbing is one of the ways to get more candies however, it doesn't always work like the Limbo in the Old Royale High. Apple Bobbing gives you 10 candies each time you get an apple, I got 100 candies when I was  Apple Bobbing earlier so this does help a bit.

    In Autumn Town, You are able to drive a car/fly to neighborhoods. Inside of these neighborhoods, You're able to get more candies. Usually around 5-10 candies per house. You walk up to the door and click the doorbell in order to receive the candy, once the candy has been given…

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  • Pink2004luigi

    I've been playing Royale High for quite a while now, and I'm curious to ask which furniture combinations look the best? (Colour-wise, and in which room?)

    I personally like the smaller dorm (the one with the blue door), simply because it's smaller and it looks a lot more like a realistic room. My favourite combination is this:

    • Royal Bed (Pink sheets and black lights)
    • Vanity (Normal)
    • Piano (Black Piano)
    • Bookshelf (White/Pink Supports)
    • Heart Music Player Radio (Normal)

    ​​​​​​​When I look at most people's dorms it's just the starter furniture you normally get, so are people saving up for customization and not dorm furniture? Or are people just unaware that you can customize your dorm?

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  • =^..^=

    Opinions on halos.

    October 16, 2019 by =^..^=

    Hi! Here I will tell you guys my opinions on halos..

    As someone who has a halo, I think it’s very annoying when people chase me around saying nice things about my halo. They’re not complimenting me.. they’re complimenting the halo. It’s also annoying when people are surrounding you and asking random questions about the halo like “OMG! What story?!” , “How many diamonds did you put in?!” or “Where did you stand when u got it?!” I mean, the fountain is random chance! These questions won’t do you any good. (Especially because u can’t even throw diamonds anymore, sorry this was something pasted from my notes app from august)
    Also.. the halo “drop” chance is probably ranging somewhere from 0.1 percent to 0.001 percent.. that is like a 1 in a m… Read more >
  • Mystikk AJ

    vip server?

    October 13, 2019 by Mystikk AJ

    the post I just made isn't showing up for me, so here this goes again.

    should I make a vip server? what are the pros and cons? my current goal is just to farm enough diamonds to get the miss lady rose dress, dear dollie skirt or some of the shadow empress parts. is a vip server good for diamond farming (keep in mind i'll be online for usually 1-2 hours)? any help will be appreciated. I may even allow you on my server!

    note; please DON'T just comment 'yes' and 'my username is ___ add me', i'm looking for reasons.

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  • Mystikk AJ

    should I get a vip server? idk if it's worth it or not. what are the pros and cons?

    it's 100 robux per month, and I only plan to use it for this month. I might share the link with some of you guys if I do get one. thanks for any helps!

    note; please don't just answer 'yes', I need some reasons too so I know that this is for sure what I want.

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  • Sparkylecronk

    New Badge

    October 12, 2019 by Sparkylecronk

    Umm hey

    I'm actually new to Wiki

    So I was just checking out the badges and when I scroll down

    At the bottom of the badge of completing the candies from homestores... There was this badge that is named

    "Whispering Spirits"

    I don't know what will this be...

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  • Cåtløver1


    October 9, 2019 by Cåtløver1


    Show down below please~ :D >.<

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  • GachaCookieLover

    ROYALWEEN 2019

    October 4, 2019 by GachaCookieLover

    omg i love the new halloween wings and yeesss the bat-mo heels are out again also THE CANDY HUNTS ARE AWESOME :D 

    and i LOVE the halloween decorations around royale high SO CUTE! 

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  • 12Tokyo12

    Random Thing

    October 4, 2019 by 12Tokyo12

    Well I've noticed that some players Do roleplays that include Wrist Cutting, Dying & ... Bullying


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  • 12Tokyo12

    Hello I'm Tokyo from ROBLOX I'm 1 of the people who start fights... but I've changed to follow rules

    My name in Royale High is Tokyo

    1.) Respect others

    When I mean this "Respect" I mean like Seriously =_= Do you have to put your name to be like "Prettier then other girls" You could've just been nice, started no fights and Respect others to be known, Then you can probably change your name to something werid or crazy

    2.) Bullying Problems

    Royale high is a Wonderful game but do you ever get sick of the Bullying?! Everytime I played Royale High Since 2017 There has been major Bullying problems turned into a Massive Fight. The way we can prevent this from happening, Is to stand in for the player that is getting Bullied, Tell them to stop, Report it…

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  • Lilachan19


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  • SparklesRainbows

    Halloween 2019

    October 2, 2019 by SparklesRainbows

    Just my personal opinions,take these with a pinch of salt...

    Ok,so I don't have the bat-mo-heels so I was kinda happy that it came back.BUT didn't calllmehbob think about the original bat-mo-heels owners?

    What would have been nice was a release of something similar to the bat-mo-heels,satisfying the bat-mo-heels owners and those like me.(I must admit that the release of the bat-mo was appropriate since ppl were offering crazy prices for the bat-mo.

    Also,I HATED the hunts.I hated the easter hunts so I wasn't too glad about the candy hunts.I guess it's nice that even the youtubes have to work and not just use robux but the homestore owners were horrible at hiding the eggs.The obvious didn't think about a player's point of view.

    I'm still hoping …

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  • Spirit Banana


    September 29, 2019 by Spirit Banana

    I'm pretty much a noob at Fandom wiki, but what should I get? Moonlight goddess skirt or Miss Lady Rose Bodice????  also where do you guys get the nine-tailed wolf tail?

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  • Alexthewolf667

    whats up princesses and princes of Rh what are you doing today I havent slept send help anyways I hope you enjoy your day/night


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  • Weird RH Player OwO


    September 20, 2019 by Weird RH Player OwO

    I live in a country where I need a VPN for Roblox and it doesn't workkkkkkk What should I do ?

    • Abandon Royale High
    • Move to another country and loose my friends
    • Cry in my bedroom until my country accepts Roblox
    • Or just live with it and never play roblox again and loose all connections with the outside world,paint my house black,eat those green wacky things,get homeschooled,never go out of my house and sulk all day while watching people get attacked by my high quality defence order with lazer and mind controling session,wear all black,die my hair black,wear black eye lences,loose all ability of talking and start playing dark piano songs.
    • Or just find a way


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  • Weird RH Player OwO

    Random news

    September 19, 2019 by Weird RH Player OwO

    So I'm just saying,I went on 2 hours ago... Oh my dog the people in texas must suffer ( there is a tropical depression/storm there ) 

    Just that Dorian Cyclone was MASSIVE !!! 

    Oh and could someone tell my roblox to work ? -_- cuz each time I try to connect it says "please check your connection " And then I see all the hot tea just drop next to me without me having time to catch it -n-

    Oh and Roblox is REALLY late on their datastores -.- I really am so exited for trading :) 

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  • Savethearth123

    More votes!

    September 18, 2019 by Savethearth123

    Want votes? No problemo! Annie's gotcha back! This page isn't as boring as the overs so listen up!

    1. Dress as a boy! Most girls do the pageant so they'll vote for boys of course!
    2. Don't chat as much, and wear something expensive! Gold diggers will say they voted you! To be your friend though..
    3. Be loud! As well as being quiet it's too funny to be loud! I like to go with trends like being VSCO SKSKSKSK
    4. Dress as a food! Everyone loves food! rIGHT?!




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  • Sakuragomezaflredo

    Do you guys have any tips about saving up diamonds for fellow royales?

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  • Izzybobizzy101

    So I have been trying to get a halo for the past 8 mounths and have only gotten double gems, so I was woundering how much i should throw in to give me I better chance of winning a halo {TvT}

    I need al the help I ca get ;~;

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  • Nika uvu

    ; ; no idea of title

    September 4, 2019 by Nika uvu

    Guys, I've wanted to ask how many time we need to wait for getting accepted in the group "Enchantix High School for Fairies and Mermaids"

    I know Barbie has a lot of work but I've wanted to ask this ;~;


    Oh and, how to do choices vote like uhh when someone ask two things like this :

    Who do you choose?

        [Barbie]                 [Boy doe]

    50% 50%

    Ty ♥

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  • SparklesRainbows

    I need 117.25k diamonds I don't have enough robux for the multipliers..Tips for diamond farming?Also,which realm is the best for it?

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  • Galacticr0ses

    What do I say?

    August 20, 2019 by Galacticr0ses

    First blog post! It won't blow up, I guess I'll just type anyway.

    I'm planning to start writing stories on Wattpad.

    Okay byee

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  • KittehCreeperz

    i  made a few accesory hacks, first one, angeloid hairclips being cat or wolf ears, even though that the nocturnal cat ears are already in the game,i wanted to make one that would be fluffy.second accesory hack,mlr bodice jumper or bathing suit,i did a whole blog on this subject,but i wanted to include it here, too.third hack  is donut skirt, add the donut waist floatie with the real life mermaid skirt and itll look so cute!!! (srry for meh bad grammer btw). :> :3

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  • KittehCreeperz

    outfits secret!

    August 18, 2019 by KittehCreeperz

    si this is sorta an accesory hack? but if you just wear teh MLR bodice it could be used as a bathing suit or jumpsuit...i just thought since the DD bodice is too expensive :P

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  • SoftPawz


    August 17, 2019 by SoftPawz

    Hello The There! Im SoftPawz ^w^ I Have Just Gotten Into This RH Wiki Stuff And I Hope To Learn More About It, I'm So Glad I Came Across This Website! It's So Nice Just To See All These Creative Edits And Other Things Shown Here :3

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  • SukiChan33


    August 17, 2019 by SukiChan33

    Hey guys its me suki chan i have been here for one day. Its pretty fun to look at all the post hopefully i can start getting fallowers soon :3 SCREEEE!! :333

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  • SukiChan33

    RH pic :D

    August 17, 2019 by SukiChan33
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  • SukiChan33

    New :3

    August 17, 2019 by SukiChan33

    Hey my name is suki and i am new to wiki. I just joined today and im hoping this is a cool place. Hopefully i can make friends and get to know more about wiki thats all thank you!

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  • =^..^=

    accessory photos!

    August 15, 2019 by =^..^=

    hi! I will post photos of accessories here.

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  • Vivi184lars


    August 13, 2019 by Vivi184lars

    how to color be glowing

    if ask barbie be updating about more glow colors?

    I saw found glowing!

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  • ReonoahSprings
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  • Bis4BayPeyton

    Cute Edit

    August 10, 2019 by Bis4BayPeyton

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  • SavageHulk

    Hello and greetings to all,

    I do not know how to start this but, the new update is impressive, i mean having phones is what we all wanted, but here's a little glitch that came up with the update, it's the key binding glitch.

    So, what is happening is before the update was released, my keys were all binded to useful animations for my Role-plays, and now after the update, all the animations are gone, and only a few left which are saved on my keyboard, and everytime i bind them, they would not be saved after i leave the game and rejoin.

    I hope for the Royale High developers to find and read my post, because we all want this precious game to be more successful "It already is >v

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  • Onthereal88

    YouTube Roleplay

    August 8, 2019 by Onthereal88

    Hey everyone! I madce 2 videos of Royale High Roleplay. I thought maybe some might enjoy it!!

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  • SupsaSof

    Accessory Hack :)

    August 6, 2019 by SupsaSof

    Hey there! I'm new to all this Royale High Wiki stuff, so sorry if I'm doing something wrong lol

    Idk if someone already found this out but I hope its useful! 

    (little story time, u can skip it if u want)

    So since the Wheel came out there were these cute and awesome glasses I really wanted, Prescription Glasses. In real life, I do use glasses and I find them as my signature look. I've always tried to get them no matter what, but I always end up getting diamonds lol. So one day I decided to try  something new with my other accessories.

    What u will need:

    ~ Fashionista Sunglasses

    What  to do:

    First, put on the Fashionista Sunglasses. Then, for Color 1 put on black (or any other color) and for Color 2 put on white or light blue (I used white in my scr…

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  • IiQreamz


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  • Lissykitty101


    August 3, 2019 by Lissykitty101
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  • Lovelyangel2

    sorry for not screenshotting when i had 25 000 diamonds, hehe, anyways.. I am so excited to buy the new heels! Like, who isn't?

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  • Lovelyangel2

    I have 22700 diamonds currently. I am saving up for the Dear Dollie Ribbon Heels I'll let you guys know when I'm halfway through!

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  • Xmeimori9

    Windows Generations For Royale High New Event On November 20Th Of 2019

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  • Sillyjada07

    The fountain has many stories and the possibilities their could be. You know the videos of how to get the halos...Their Fake. So if their fake there is a possibility that every story has a special ending to get the special halo(s) for the different seasons. The amount of diamonds don't count either, it's also a way to lose diamonds which sucks, or the possibility of the luck of a chance within the story too so yeah. That's my theory. Silly out -w-

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  • Chloe Is A Weeb

    Face Glitch

    July 28, 2019 by Chloe Is A Weeb


    For the past 2 ish weeks, I have been dealing with a bug...

    I have been unable to change my in-game face and the face is the face of my Roblox avatar.

    I can't change it and its very annoying.

    any tips or similar cases... please comment.


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  • NekoPotatoX3


    i saw this teAaaa on a comment of a vid,

    not sure if its real

    but if it is





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  • Lovelyangel2

    My friend said: " I lost my 12K diamonds " I was shocked, she didn't deserve that, it's a glitch. she totally didn't deserve that Can someone report this to @nightbarbie on twitter? I personally do not have twitter but i think someone here does.

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  • NekoPotatoX3

    Hewwo! Its meh again, and i have more Acessory Hacks :3

    First one!

    Made by : iigamergirlii

    i dont know how to call it

    You'll need :

    Spring Circlet and Not From Earth Antennae 

    1 - Put the spring circlet

    2 - put the first color as *any color* 

    3 - put the second color *any color, not the same of the first, i think white looks good :3*

    4 - put the not from earth antennae with the same color as the second color of the spring circlet



    Created by : Meh

    You'll need : Candycane swords and Dear Dollie Laced Back Bow

    1 - Put the candy cane swords on the Sparkly Black Color

    2 - Put the bow,, the 2 colors on blac



    Created by : ??? , I saw on cybernova's channel

    You'll need : 

    Super hero mask and kawaii sickness

    1 - wear the super hero mask

    2 - put…

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  • NekoPotatoX3


    I saw some acessory hacks and decided to post here!

    some i saw on yt, others i created!!

    first one!

    Made by : Me!! (I think xp)

    i like to call it as "Double Crown"

    You'll need : Ice Queen Crown and a Normal Crown 

    1 - put your normal crown

    2 - make the ice queen crown the same color as the normal crown

    ta-da!!! Next!!

    Made by : Me again XP (I think)

    I like to call it "Dangerous Gloves"

    You'll need : Punk Bracelets and Long Elegant Gloves

    1 - Put the gloves, any colour

    2 - Make the bracelets the same colours



    Created by : ??? , i saw on cybernova's channel 

    i like to call it as "CLEAN DA BALL!!"

    you'll need : Crystal Ball gamepass, to have the crystalball, and cheerleader pompoms!

    1 - put the cheerleader pompoms with the 1 color as (any colo…

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  • NekoPotatoX3

    Hiii! My first time talking here ;-;


    does anyone know when trading will be out?

    REEE ;-;


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  • Tictactori

    Vip server!

    July 20, 2019 by Tictactori

    Here's the link to my vip server, that I made today! If it doesn't work, send me a friend request! User: tictac_tori :)

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  • Eclipse1012

    Here's the link to my friend's VIP server ;-;   Link:

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  • UwuChibiChan

    yay  wee git tuh fanalleh se sansset eyeland :DDDD

    Anywho,  since the new and flashy realm is coming, I'm sure that there may, with a 50/50 chance of no, be new accessories, heels/boots, wings, and skirts. Since it's the summer time, and you know, there are winter wings, there'll probably be some wings that are tropical beach summer related. Also, I twitter stalked @cristalpony1982, and watched Cybernova's vid seeing that there's a skirt and a pair of heels that were found in the shop. The skirt was called Dear Dollie Ruffled Skirt and the heels were Dear Dollie Ribbon Heels. I'm not sure, but I have a gut feeling it was just added as a test, but who knows? It may be added in the update or may be added some time in the future. https://twitt…

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