The Beach House realm was released on June 17, 2020. It is intended as a summer lobby. The realm contains the main Beach House with two living rooms, two flights of stairs, a pirate bedroom, a mermaid bedroom, a bathroom, a pool, a beach, two balconies, a back yard, a slumber party room, and seven inaccessible beach houses. The ocean has collectible shells that are diamonds similar to Sunset Island. The building process for the beach house was constantly live streamed by callmehbob to give fans a step-by-step process of how she created this amazing realm. There are currently 2 chests in this realm, you can get the Darling Valenina Puppy Ears in one and in the other the Fluttering Butterfly Sleeves.


There are three floors in the beach house, with a pool and a beach in the front. In the middle of the building, there is a large spiral staircase shared by all three floors. 

First floor

The first floor consists of a small dining table, a piano and a kitchen where you can make your own smoothie, similar to the smoothie bar in Sunset Island. In the back of the room, there is a door that leads to a restroom if entered from the inside. However, if a player flies behind the house to find an empty yard, they can re-enter the house directly using what would typically be the entrance to the bathroom. As the Beach House replaced the Arrival Screen the player can find the Level Leaderboard and Update Book in the back of the kitchen on the first floor.

Second floor

The second floor is mainly an indoor balcony overlooking the first floor. It includes doors leading to a balcony overlooking the beach. It is mostly empty of furniture, except for four large cushions; two on the balcony, and two in front of the staircase exit.

Third floor

The top floor has a pirate-themed bedroom, a mermaid-themed bedroom (both of which have doors to the balcony), a large slumber party/hangout room, and windows that open to a large balcony, where there is a fireplace and a s'mores table, along with two high dives above the pool.


There is a large stretch of sand in front of the house, where players can place their items. The ocean appears to have waves crashing down on the beach. Diamonds will occasionally spawn near the beach and underwater. After the 4th Of July update, a dock is located on the beach with a ferris wheel the player can ride in. Over the ocean, occasional fireworks occur at night.


Upon entering the game, 10 items are automatically added to the player's inventory: a donut floatie, beach chair, candle jar, sleeping bag, blanket, shark floatie, bonfire, Monstercat floatie, a tent and a celebratory sparkler. Once equipped, the item is placed by dragging the mouse to the desired location and clicking to drop the item - except the sparkler. All of the items that can be put down are rotatable and recolorable. Most are interactable (i.e, the beds can be slept in, the chair and floaties can be sat in/on.)


The beach house contains two known chests that players can find to gain items. There is a chest located in the pirate-themed bedroom that contains the Darling Valentina Playful Puppy Ears. A second chest was added on June 23, 2020, in front of the rock arch containing the Fluttering Butterfly Sleeves.


The chest in which the Fluttering Butterfly Sleeves are located in.


  • The player can place down everything that can be held in the inventory, including marshmallows, s' mores, and smoothies. Seemingly as a bug, the player can customize the marshmallows, s' mores, and smoothies with patterns. However, once picked up the item will instead disappear and not go back into the player's inventory.
  • The only item that is not recolorable, as requested by MonsterCat is the MonsterCat floatie.

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