Battle a la Royale Archery is a PvP archery game realm added to Royale High on February 14, 2020. It was added during the Valentine's 2020 event but is a permanent fixture in the game. It is quite similar to Divinia Park but does not have the fountain, and has diamonds hidden around. There is also a lobby in which you spawn in with apples and targets to aim at.


The server needs 8+ players in order to start the game. Each game takes 3 minutes (or more if sudden death occurs) and there is a 35-second intermission between rounds. During the intermission, players can choose to spectate or look through a tutorial on how to play.

When the game starts, players are split into two teams and tasked to shoot the opposing team to daze them.

Once players are dazed, they can't be shot again until revived.

Teams can revive those already dazed on their team. The team that dazes all of their opposing team first wins. Players are rewarded with XP and shown the round stats.

If 3 minutes pass without one whole team being dazed a phase of "Sudden Death" starts. For one minute players cannot save anyone. If the game doesn't end in a minute after "Sudden Death" the game ends in a draw.

On the top right there is a GUI that lists who is alive on both sides. On the top left there is a GUI that reports not only the kill feed but also the people who saved the player and the people the player saved.


Easter 2020

During this time, when you spawn in the game there is a GUI that tells you what to do and the history of the eggs. In this event, some players on the opposing team will have eggs on their heads. Shooting an opponent with the egg on their head will cause the egg to drop. The player can collect this egg, as well as collect eggs from opponents they haven't shot. To earn a player badge and the Eggchanted avatar accessory (for your ROBLOX avatar), you need to collect three eggs. Collecting eggs after acquiring the Eggchanted avatar accessory will give you 20 diamonds per egg. This amount cannot be increased by multipliers.

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