These badges are given to players who meet certain notable Royale High YouTubers and influencers in a server. The Youtuber/Influencer can choose to toggle giving away the badges off. There are currently 52 of these available.

Badge Description Image
You Met the YouTuber Jennisimmer!

"Hi I'm Jennisimmer! I love playing and making Royale High videos. My favorite things to do in Royale High are creating new looks, role playing and throwing parties. "

You Met the YouTuber cybernova!

"Hello humans! You have met the SPICIEST TACO, cybernova! I love rocking the CYBERNOVA OCEAN wings! Be sure & say hi if you came from YouTube! "

You Met the YouTuber GamingMermaid!

"Hi there! My name's Arielle! I've been associated with the Little Mermaid since birth, & now I have a YouTube channel dedicated to all things Disney Princess, fantasy, & cuteness! You can usually find me role playing in Royale High as Princess Aqua! 💕"

You Met the YouTuber LeahAshe!

"Hi everyone! I'm Leah Ashe and I love spending my time in Royale High making fun videos on my channel! If you see me i'm probably doing a transformation makeover or a roleplay! Let's be princesses together! ♡ Channel link -"

You Met the YouTuber Keisyo! "Hey there, my name is Keisyo and I love playing Roblox. Royale High School is my favorite game to play and I mostly do roleplays, outfit ideas and other fun things on there. Hope to meet you soon :) "

You Met the YouTuber Zachary!

"The names Zach! And yeah I record Royal High videos with my trusty side kick Mr Whiskers!"


You Met the YouTuber ZaiLetsPlay!

"Hey girls and guys, I'm Zai from Zailetsplay! I love Royale High School, and I cant wait to roleplay and become a princess with you! <3 "


You Met the YouTuber InquisitorMaster!

"hi im alex and i record Royale High Roleplays with my pet Mr Paws!


You met the YouTuber iamSanna!

"Hi Everyone, my name is Sanna and I love to play Royale High with my friends and subscribers! "


You Met the YouTuber realrosesarered!

"Hi I'm realrosesarered, you'll find me either dressed as a princess or a bacon. Either way, fabulous! "


You Met the YouTuber Ashleyosity!

"Hey it’s me, Ashleyosity! Thanks for saying “Hi” to me in my favorite game, Royale High. Join me for roleplays, makeovers, and more Royale High fun. Check my channel to see if you’re in a video with me, and don’t forget to smile! "


You Met the YouTuber MeganPlays!

"Hello, I’m MeganPlays! Now that you’ve found me, you’re officially apart of my #PeachySquad! I hope to see you again soon! Stay Peachy! 🌸 "


You Met Influencer OceanOrbs!

"Hewwo i am OceanOrbs! I am mostly known in the Royale High Twitter Community for not only creating the Editing Community, but inspiring others to express their own creativity! Don't be shy around me, i appreciate my supporters and is always glad to have a chat with you guys :D"
Met OceanOrbs Badge

You Met Influencer Lizzy_Winkle!

"Henlo! My name is Lizzy_Winkle, I'm a pale, awkward, and very very smol hooman, who likes to create stuff on Roblox. (i like epic royale)"
Met Lizzy Winkle Badge

You Met Artist logicaIhearts!

"hey howdy, my name's logicaIhearts and i'm an artist and editor! i've made a few game thumbnails and accessories for royale high, and i like making memes over in the twitter community. if you see me, feel free to say hey!"
Met Ninetyles Badge

You Met Influencer AngiePlet!

"You met AngiePlet, the twitter creator of Top Royales Magazine & Entertainment! She also the creator of Ghouls Homestore!"
You Met Influencer AngiePlet! Badge

You Met Designer Antilique!

"I'm Antilique, mostly known for my clothing designs, makeup, artwork and twitter. I love both cutesy and gothy styles, and mix them when making outfits/drawings! You can check my clothing store in the Royale High Fashion Boutique!"
You Met Designer Antilique! Badge

You Met Influencer blairuuu!

"Hiuu, I'm blairuuu! I'm an influencer and a small youtuber in the Royale High Twitter Community! I love to make videos about rh and from time to time stream! If you see me in game dont be afraid to come say hi :)"
You Met Influencer CupCakeBitez! Badge

You Met Influencer DamienArt1!

"Hey! I'm Damien. I'm a digital artist and RH enthusiast who loves creating faces and designing wing suggestions. I'm an avid supporter of diversity within this magical community, and love hosting events in RH to meet and have a lighthearted time together. Spread a positive message around!"
You Met Influencer DamienArt1!

You Met Makeup Artist EmmieDearest!

"Hiya, I am EmmieDearest, and I am a makeup designer and artist in the RHTC! I currently have many of my make ups present in game, and continue to create many more. I hope to inspire others with my work and make much more faces for people to express themselves with. Feel free to say hi when you see me, lots of love!"
You Met Makeup Artist EmmieDearest! Badge

You Met YouTuber Imagamergirl!

"Hey there, I'm GG aka ImaGamerGirl, and you met me in the regal fantasy world of Royale High! My favourite things to do here are testing out outfit hacks and discovering secrets and glitches, but I also make videos about many other things! Have fun watching! 💜 "

You Met YouTuber Imagamergirl! Badge

You Met Influencer Royalehighpics!

"Hey! I'm royalehigh_pics on insta. I love playing Royale High and sharing my creative outfits on insta! I also have a page on insta called royalehighevents, where I do fun unique challenges and celebrations. If you see me, come say hi!"
You Met Influencer Royalehighpics! Badge

You Met Designer KelseyAnna!

"You met Clothing Designer KelseyAnna, aka the mermaid of roblox! She makes clothing for the game and also has a featured homestore! KelseyAnna makes videos and does even more work for the game, such as being an admin and helping with updates and ideas! You can find her designs in her inventory as well as in the game through the dress up section or designer boutique!"
You Met Designer KelseyAnna! Badge

You Met Influencer Killuamachine!

"Hey, I'm KilluaMachine! I'm an influencer in the Royale High twitter community. I like creating edits, doing digital art, modeling, and building. I've created some thumbnails for RH and also create clothing featured in game from time to time."
You Met Influencer Killuamachine! Badge

You Met Designer Kittzilla!

"Hello! I’m Kittzilla. I’m a Roblox clothing designer who loves making adorable clothing for Royale High! Don’t be afraid to say hi!!! :)"
You Met Designer Kittzilla! Badge

You Met Designer k0maki!

"You found me!! Buenas!~ I am k0maki! I am known as a designer in RH, and in making models !. I love to inspire others with the designs I make"
You Met Designer k0maki! Badge

You Met Influencer Krymena!

"Hii, I'm Krymena! I'm an editor on insta and twitter, and a graphic designer! I also have a Royale High meme account on insta!"
You Met Influencer Krymena!

You Met YouTuber KrystinPlays!

"Hey, I'm KrystinPlays! I enjoy decorating in Roblox, adopting pets, and playing pretty dress up games! Come say hi!"
You Met YouTuber KrystinPlays!

I met Youtuber ItsDoodles!

"Hello Everyone! This is ItsDoodles and I love making Royale High videos, especially about outfits and updates! Some may also know me as the Bureaucrat of the Royale High Wiki."
I met Youtuber ItsDoodles!

You Met Influencer Royalehigh_edits!

"Hai! You can call me Luna. You might know me from insta. I make edits and drawings of outfits from Royale High."
You Met Influencer Royalehigh edits!

You Met Influencer melody_glitter!

"Heyyo! My name's Melody Glitter! I’m an editor and a digital artist who loves to inspire people through her hobbies! You can find me over in twitter or on youtube <3"
You Met Influencer melody glitter!

You Met Designer Missmudmaam!

"Hi, it’s so nice to meet you! I’m missmudmaam (or you can call me miss). I love creating Celestial, Sparkly, Cute and Kawaii clothing for you to wear in Royale High. Keep shining bright!"
You Met Designer Missmudmaam!

You Met Designer Nutest!

"You met the cyclops boye Nutest, a clothing designer with a store in the Royale High boutique. The clothes they make have a cutesy style mixed in with some other subgenres such as glamorous, fancy, dark, punk, etc. They also make faces. Follow nutest on twitter"
You Met Designer Nutest!

You Met Influencer Oracle_Moonlight!

"Hey there, I'm Oracle! I'm an artist and a clothing designer on ROBLOX :)! I hope to bring joy and positivity with my content to each and every one of my supporters. If you ever see me in game don't be afraid to say Hi !"
You Met Influencer Oracle Moonlight!

I met Influencer Othello!

"Heyo, it's Othello! I'm a member of the Royale High IG community, known for my writing, boundless optimism, and random creations. Feel free to say 'Hi' if you catch me running around in game!"
I met Influencer Othello!

You Met Makeup Artist Desu!

"Hello!!! I'm Pep!!! I draw cute makeups featured in Royale High, and cute anime characters on my social media! You can follow me at @_pepedesu if you like anime too!"
You Met Makeup Artist Desu!

You Met Designer MissRileyLane!

"You met MissRileyLane! Riley makes clothing for the game and also is an admin helping with updates/ideas. She also has a featured homestore in the designer boutique. Checkout her videos on her youtube channel: MissRileyLane! It was nice meeting you!♡"
You Met Designer MissRileyLane!

I met 3D Modeler R0ssiie!

"Hai!! My name is Rossiie! You probably have seen me floating around your timeline! But if you haven't I am a 3D modeler, you most probably recognize most of my work in the hairstyle section :3 Other than that it was awesome meeting you, and if you want to keep up with and what I'm doing feel free to follow on twitter!"
I met 3D Modeler R0ssiie!

You Met Influencer Royale-HighSuki!

"Hi there! I am Royale-HighSuki, an influencer on IG. I am an editor who loves fashion and Royale High. Royale High is the best game ever, that has helped me recover from tough times. I hope to see you around, Princes and Princesses."
You Met Influencer Royale-HighSuki!

You Met Youtuber YTshaylo!

"Hey, everyone! I'm Shaylo, and this is my daughter Amaya and hubbie Jesse! Our royale fam is so excited to meet you! Come be a part of the fambam as we do roleplays challenges and so much more ! Yass fambamsquad"
You Met Youtuber YTshaylo!

You Met Makeup Artist Sheena_SV!

"Hello my Moonchildren! My name is Sheena_SV and I am Royale High makeup artist! I made and I will still do a bunch of makeup packs for every season and holiday in Royale High with my cousin Vex_SV! My makeups are mostly in a "dark edgy" style!"
You Met Makeup Artist Sheena SV!

You Met Youtuber ItsSiena!

"Hey Royales, it's Siena. I <3 playing Royale High and enjoying the ocean! You can often find me spilling tea, searching for secrets, or playing with friends. I can't wait to meet you all!"
You Met Youtuber ItsSiena!

You Met Influencer Mrsquishyjellyfish!

"Hello. My name is Squishy Jellyfish, and I am an influencer who draws a lot for the Royale High community! I have also had some of my faces featured in game."
You Met Influencer Mrsquishyjellyfish!

You Met Animator RoyaleStarxy!

"Hello! I'm Starxy, a RHTC member and an influencer! You might know me for my edits, or the animations I made for the lovely game you might meet me in.."
You Met Animator RoyaleStarxy!

You Met Influencer Synani!

"Hi! My name is Synani! I'm an editor who is mostly known throughout the IG community, and I've made a few of the thumbnails for Royale High. I love to use my magic to spread happiness and inspire others to share their creativity with the Royale High community!"
You Met Influencer Synani!

You Met Flatline Owner twinyard!

"Hi there! I'm twinyard, your friendly neighborhood fox! I enjoy building and helping mugalo manage the group Flatline. I'm also a beginner artist who on occasion, posts my work on twitter. I enjoy playing royale high with friends and making memories! In the future I hope to make many more builds with my co-builder"
You Met Flatline Owner twinyard!

You Met Makeup Artist UnixornPrince!

"Hiii!!! I'm Unixorn Prince-- a unicorn ❤️er and believer!! I am an artist with many makeup faces featured in RH. My main focus is on boy faces, but I also have made many for girl"
You Met Makeup Artist UnixornPrince!

You Met Makeup Artist Vex_SV!

"Hey there Sugarcubes! My name is Vex_SV, and I'm a Royale High Makeup Artist! I mostly make a cute faces and I do face packs for holidays and seasons with my cousin Sheena_SV! You can also give us some ideas for faces you would like to see in Royale High on my Twitter, so check it out!"
You Met Makeup Artist Vex SV!

You Met Makeup Artist Xetrii!

"Hello! I'm Xetrii, also known as Anon! I'm an artist who likes creepy and cute styles! I make faces that have appeared in Royale High, but I also make clothes and art in general! I hope you have a nice day!"
You Met Makeup Artist Xetrii!

You Met Graphics Designer EvilArtist!

"Hiya, I'm EvilArtist! I worked on the artwork for Royale High's gamepasses! I'm on Twitter: @EvilArtist_

-I post art/UGC items I create for the catalog. Hope to see you around!"

You Met Graphics Designer EvilArtist!

I met Top RH Player MlpandWinxFairyPony!

"Hi, guys! Tiana Here! I'm one of the highest level players in Royale High and a YouTuber who loves to upload Roblox videos, especially about my Royale High characters! I truly enjoy creating my own characters and roleplaying as them. Bringing out a special and unique personality in all of them makes me so happy! Stay Unique! 💖"
I met Top RH Player MlpandWinxFairyPony!

You Met 3d Modeler cristalpony1987!

"You Met me! I create stuff on roblox, and everyone still thinks I'm a girl, nIcE!"
You Met 3d Modeler cristalpony1987!
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