These badges are given to players who meet certain notable Royale High YouTubers and influencers in a server. There are currently 15 of these available.

Badge Description Image
You Met the YouTuber Jennisimmer!

"Hi I'm Jennisimmer! I love playing and making Royale High videos. My favorite things to do in Royale High are creating new looks, role playing and throwing parties. "

You Met the YouTuber cybernova!

"Hello humans! You have met the SPICIEST TACO, cybernova! I love rocking the CYBERNOVA OCEAN wings! Be sure & say hi if you came from YouTube! "

You Met the YouTuber GamingMermaid!

"Hi there! My name's Arielle! I've been associated with the Little Mermaid since birth, & now I have a YouTube channel dedicated to all things Disney Princess, fantasy, & cuteness! You can usually find me role playing in Royale High as Princess Aqua! 💕"

You Met the YouTuber LeahAshe!

"Hi everyone! I'm Leah Ashe and I love spending my time in Royale High making fun videos on my channel! If you see me i'm probably doing a transformation makeover or a roleplay! Let's be princesses together! ♡ Channel link -"

You Met the YouTuber Keisyo! "Hey there, my name is Keisyo and I love playing Roblox. Royale High School is my favorite game to play and I mostly do roleplays, outfit ideas and other fun things on there. Hope to meet you soon :) "

You Met the YouTuber Zachary!

"The names Zach! And yeah I record Royal High videos with my trusty side kick Mr Whiskers!"


You Met the YouTuber ZaiLetsPlay!

"Hey girls and guys, I'm Zai from Zailetsplay! I love Royale High School, and I cant wait to roleplay and become a princess with you! <3 "


You Met the YouTuber InquisitorMaster!

"hi im alex and i record Royale High Roleplays with my pet Mr Paws!


You met the YouTuber iamSanna!

"Hi Everyone, my name is Sanna and I love to play Royale High with my friends and subscribers! "


You Met the YouTuber realrosesarered!

"Hi I'm realrosesarered, you'll find me either dressed as a princess or a bacon. Either way, fabulous! "


You Met the YouTuber Ashleyosity!

"Hey it’s me, Ashleyosity! Thanks for saying “Hi” to me in my favorite game, Royale High. Join me for roleplays, makeovers, and more Royale High fun. Check my channel to see if you’re in a video with me, and don’t forget to smile! "


You Met the YouTuber MeganPlays!

"Hello, I’m MeganPlays! Now that you’ve found me, you’re officially apart of my #PeachySquad! I hope to see you again soon! Stay Peachy! 🌸 "


You Met Influencer OceanOrbs!

"Hewwo i am OceanOrbs! I am mostly known in the Royale High Twitter Community for not only creating the Editing Community, but inspiring others to express their own creativity! Don't be shy around me, i appreciate my supporters and is always glad to have a chat with you guys :D"
Met OceanOrbs Badge

You Met Influencer Lizzy_Winkle!

"Henlo! My name is Lizzy_Winkle, I'm a pale, awkward, and very very smol hooman, who likes to create stuff on Roblox. (i like epic royale)"
Met Lizzy Winkle Badge

You Met Influencer Ninetyles!

"hey howdy, my name's ninetyles and i'm an artist and editor! i've made a few game thumbnails and accessories for royale high, and i like making memes over in the twitter community. if you see me, feel free to say hey!"
Met Ninetyles Badge
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