These badges can be obtained by meeting one of the Royale High developers in a server. There are currently 7 Developer badges that are obtainable.

Developer Badge Description Image
Callmehbob You Met Callmehbob, the Creator of Royale High! "You met the creator of Royale High, Fantasia Getaway Resorts, Autumn Town, and Enchantix High, callmehbob! She is the brains behind the design and builds the games. niceuuuu!"
Closet_Skeleton You Met the Graphic Designer of Royale High! "You met Closet_Skeleton! ~the best graphic designer in the world btw~ congrats on finding him! He designs the wings, makeup, locker door decorations, thumbnails, illustration art, clothing and literally everything else picture-related you see in the game, ever. He stays up late with his coffee drawing everything free-hand style. Anything you see on the screen that is magical is because of Closet_Skeleton! He also designed for Enchantix High!"
LauncelotHandsome Met Boy Doe!

"You met boy doe. He does anything girl doe asks him to do."

Ironclaw33 You Met the Scripter!

"You met the Scripter, Ironclaw33 in-game! Ironclaw33 does ALL of the scripting for Royale High, Fantasia Getaway Resort, and Autumn Town (Halloween Event). Without Ironclaw33, we couldn't have functioning lockers, homework, customization in the dorms, and NONE OF THE COOL STUFF! Thanks Ironclaw33, you da bes <3"

Ice7 You Met the Scripter, Ice7!

"Ice7 is a totes awesome scripter dude! He made the whole inventory system! He is also working on mobile phones to text your friends on and access numerous features. Remember when you would sink to the bottom of the pool like a rock, if you had a giant skirt on or mermaid tail? No longer! He put invisible swimming inflatables on your character so you can swim gracefully forever more! See what I meant about a cool dude? You are lucky to meet him!"


You met Royale Developer Sukimeki!

"The creator of all things pretty, floofy, and sparkly.. She can literally do anything, and she does. Designer of Bat-Mo-Heels, Moonlight Goddess Ultimate Floof, Mermaid Skirt, 30+ hairstyles, many beautiful highlighted and ombre hair colors, and sooo much more! Be sure to see more of her heels creations, unique wing designs, and a cafe coming soon, made by the one-and-only SUKIMEKI! She drew this badge too! WOW SO TALENTED AT EVERYTHING"


You met Royale Developer Kateka22!

"You just met Kateka, the Royal-est of writers! She's the text behind the mysterious halo-giving fountain, the one who gives a voice to the handsome butlers, and even behind the door of the grumpy figure's house. She also adds tons of the amazing outfits you see in the game today! She builds her own game and is president of the Wizard Adventures Club. If you spot her flying around RH with her kitty Momo, you might be in one of her YT videos! "

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