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Autumn Town is a temporary realm that was accessible during Royale High's Halloween events during the years 2017, 2019, and 2020. The two versions of the realms were set up very similarly with the players being able to visit houses to trick or treat for candies, and both versions also featured a maze. Players were also able to go apple bobbing and buy exclusive autumn-themed treats from the stalls.


Classic Autumn Town was part of the Halloween 2017 event.


For the Halloween 2019 event, a new version of Autumn Town was made, and released on October 20, 2019. It was later reused for the Halloween 2020 event.

Trick or Treating

Players could trick or treat at the houses located on the island to collect Candy. The houses were a distance away, meaning they were optimally reached by flying or by driving in a car which they could spawn from a car button near the candy counter.

When players clicked on the doorbell of a house, candy would be thrown at them which they can then collect, or the creepypasta "Slenderman" or a ghost could appear and fly at the player, which would kill them if it hit the player.

2019 Event

The "Royale High Halloween 2019!" Badge

Main article: Halloween/2019

When joining Autumn Town for the first time during the 2019 event, players were given the "Royale High Halloween 2019!" Badge.

The first version of the Hard Maze was also introduced, that included chests that rewarded diamonds. Finishing the maze rewarded 5,000 diamonds and the "Completed Super Hard Maze 2019" badge.

2020 Event

Main article: Halloween/2020

Autumn Town returned for the Halloween 2020 event on October 3, 2020, taking over as the lobby. Very few changes were made, mostly involving bugfixes and streaming for lag reduction. Chests were added around the map that rewarded select accessories from the Halloween 2019 event's homestore candy hunts.

"Beat Extremely Hard Maze RH 2020!" badge

The second version of the Hard Maze came with the event. The layout was not massively changed, though some walls were modified in placement or to be moving. A lever toggle mechanic was added, requiring players to find the two levers and toggle them before going to the exit. Chests were also in the maze with different placements from last year that either rewarded diamonds or other select accessories from the 2019 candy hunts. Finishing the maze rewarded 5,000 diamonds, the Nightmare Witch Hat (also from the 2019 candy hunt), and the the "Beat Extremely Hard Maze RH 2020!" badge.

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