Royale High Wiki

Current appearance; for Dewdrop Showers 2022 event

The Arrival Screen (also known as the Intro Screen) is the current "lobby" realm for Royale High. It was first used starting February 20, 2020, due to the recurring "black screen" glitch happening in the apartments. It occasionally gets disabled as a different realm would hold up as a lobby, with such example being the Summer 2020 update having the Beach House instead of the Arrival Screen.

The arrival screen says "Royale High" at the top of the screen and welcomes the player with their username. It will say whether the player has any friends playing currently or if they have any text messages. In the upper left corner it displays the players' diamond count, and in the lower left corner there is a mute music button. If the player is loading in slowly to the game while the arrival screen is already up, it will say that their username is "Sukimeki" until they fully load.

Players in the Arrival Screen are listed in the phone as in "Arrival" to other players.


Castle Events

The changelog as of February 20, 2020.

Below "Royale High" there is a pink box labeled "Castle Events" containing a few of the new updates, for example a new realm or minigame, next to the text it has an option to teleport to the respective place. "Full Events List" takes the player to a changelog with a complete list of latest updates and bug fixes.


In upper left corner of the arrival screen shows the player's diamonds amount.

Explore World

Just below "Castle Events" is a small picture of a globe with a label saying "Explore the World" on it, right underneath that label says "Teleportix!", and underneath that says "Press Start". Pressing anywhere near these labels opens the Teleportation map created by Closet Skeleton

Level Leaderboard

On the left side of the arrival screen is the "Level Leaderboard" which lists the top 500 most leveled players.


On the right side of the arrival screen it displays the players "quests". These quests include going to the "Fountain of Dreams", spinning the "Lucky Spin Wheel", and recieving your "Computer Login". Under these quests is a section for "needs", the only need in the game currently is sleeping in the bed in the apartments or the Trading Hub. It will show how long you have until each quest, once the quest time limit is up, there will be a button to teleport to the realm where you do that quest in. It also shows how much energy the player has.

Cell Phone

Above the quests, on the right side of the arrival screen is an image of the player's phone. This functions like normal where the player can text their friends and view their quests and needs.