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The April Fool's Day Event took place on April 1st, 2019 on Royale High. The name of the game was temporarily changed to "Princess Simulator" during the event, and the game icon was changed to Barbie in a princess outfit with ROBLOX's iconic Bighead as her face.

FREE Glowing Beach Skirt

The FREE Glowing Beach Skirt

The FREE Glowing Beach Skirt cost 0 diamonds from the shop, and is a 2D image of a skirt. When the item is equipped and the player turns around, it reveals the message "April Foolz" in blue-teal text. There is no back to the skirt.

Ban Reasons

When joining the game during the April Fool's Event, the player is given a fake ban with a random reason from the list below. The ban is not genuine and the message "Happy April Fools!" appears when the player clicks the button that reads "Click here to accept your fate" All of the ban reasons are based on trends within the Royale High community.

  • Arguing with other players and taking a screenshot for proof
  • Asking people which story they got and how many diamonds they put in the fountain for their halo
  • Bribing players to vote you for Supreme Royalty
  • Casually bringing out your lightsaber during art class
  • Challenging other players to a seafork duel
  • Changing your roleplay name to youtubers
  • Chasing people around with the werewolf animation
  • Cheating in PE with the fast flight pass
  • Copying the fountain girl's outfit
  • Crowding people who have a halo
  • Drying up the Wishing Fountain
  • Farming too many diamonds in a private server
  • Getting into trouble at school and blaming it on your fake twin sister
  • Glitching into Mysterious Voice's House
  • Hiding Ashe the butler's eyeliner and replacing it with a permanent marker
  • Hogging all the appetizers at the Royale Ball
  • Picking up innocent players with your reindeer and zooming them far away
  • Playing the piano horridly in music class just to bug everyone
  • Prematurely making trading deals with people on twitter
  • Pretending to be one of the Royale High Butlers on twitter
  • Putting too many toppings on your cupcake in the bakery
  • Replacing the royale bathroom perfumes with toilet water
  • Skipping classes to roleplay
  • Snatching your own weave
  • Stalking Royale High youtubers' profiles to make it in one of their videos
  • Standing in front of people's screens while they dress up
  • Starting a fairies vs mermaid war
  • Starting a light fairies vs dark fairies war
  • Stealing someone else's baby in Enchantix High
  • Using chairs to glitch yourself in Swimming Class
  • Using the running man animation during limbo
  • Watching 'Royale High free diamonds glitch' videos on YouTube
  • Wearing the same outfit everyday at school

Realm Menu

The April Fools realm menu

The realm names on the portal menu were changed during the April Fools event.

  • New Royale High changed to Princess Simulator
  • Classic Royale High changed to Old Princess Simulator
  • Enchantix High changed to Fairy Simulator
  • Fantasia Hotel changed to Hotel Simulator


The music in Divinia was replaced with different covers and remixes of the Song "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi.