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The apartments were released on December 6, 2019. They serve the purpose of roleplay, gaining experience points, and diamonds.

Before the Arrival Screen, Beach House, and later Autumn Town were introduced players would join Royale High starting from their own apartment. If the player joined someone else's private server, the player would spawn at that person's apartment.

On the elevator door to the apartments, there is a key button. Upon clicking the keys, a GUI will show up where the player will be able to lock or unlock the apartment. Clicking "Doors Open!" will allow friends to go into the player's apartment via the home button on the player's phone. Clicking "Do Not Disturb" will disable this option. If it is your first time entering the apartments, you will be asked to choose a color for your apartment, which you can change any time.

As of December 31, 2019, players can host parties, which allows anyone in the server to go into the host's apartment. The "kick" feature was also added to let players kick people out of their apartment.

In the same update listed above, players can use their phones to order any kind of pizzas and drinks of the player's choosing; each pizza costing 100 diamonds and each drink costing 20 diamonds. Afterward, Zed will appear at the elevator with the item(s) ordered and the player will be able to interact by placing and/or consuming them. Zed can spam chat words so you know he's there at your door! This feature is exclusive to apartments only.

On December 10th, 2020, the apartments were updated and a balcony was added, along with being redecorated with a Christmas theme. Before that, the door that leads to the balcony was a window.

On February 12th, 2021, the apartments were updated again with the removal of Christmas decorations and replaced with rainy weather and large projector screen in front of the bed. A remote is now in your inventory to change the projector's channel by clicking on the remote.

In April 2021, Royale High's 4th birthday, a birthday cake with a 4 candle was added on the counter. Unfortunately, the cake was not interactive in any way.



The first time the player enters their apartment, the default color scheme will be white. However, the player will be able to choose their preferred apartment color at any time by selecting the paint bucket in the closet.

Sleeping bags can also be found in the closet. The player can rotate these by holding down the mouse button on a PC or holding down their finger on mobile. After the player has finished rotating it, they click or tap one more time to place it and click it one last time to choose the colors. There are also clothes and hangers in the closet, but you cannot interact with them. You can see that the Miss Lady Rose Bodice and the Boy's Gold Lining Varsity Jacket are in the closet.



The bedroom has a bed and two fairy light lamps at the side of the bed. On the opposite side of the bed is a desk with a computer, a keyboard, a Royella (Music player), and headphones. Sleeping in the bed gives the player XP depending on the percentage of sleep the player gained. Sleeping in sleeping bags also gives the same effect.

Energy bar

To level up, the player needs 100% of sleep. As of December 31, 2019, more curtains were added that can close off the bedroom from the rest of the apartment.

Computer Login

Main article: Computer Login

Reward Screen

Located in the bedroom space, the Computer Login allows players to gain daily diamonds every 20 hours. The rewards start off from Day 1 and increase exponentially until Day 7, where it continues with the rewards of Day 7 until the streak starts over from inactivity.


Royella Playlist

Royella is a music player located on the desk next to the computer, and it is a parody based off of Amazon's Alexa. The design is a gray dome with glowing cyan lights. Royella allows players to create music playlists using Roblox Audio IDs. The default songs for Royella are songs that usually play on Earth.

To add music to the playlist, the player enters a Roblox Audio ID where the 'Add song' option is placed.



The kitchen has a fridge, oven, microwave, stove, and countertops. There are lights in the kitchen, including ones that fade between different colors of the rainbow. The stools have different animations, one of which the player jumps from the stool landing onto the couch.

The player can open and close the oven, microwave, and curtains, but they have no purpose as of now other than roleplaying. If the player turns on the oven and gets in, the player will start to take damage.

There used to be interactive gingerbread cookies next to the oven during the Christmas 2020 update. It was later removed during the Valentines 2021 update.

There's also a door nearby leading to the Pantry, which contains jars of food and a kettle. Currently, only the kettles have functionality.

During the New Years 2020 event, freezers of the fridge were given the ability to get an ice cream dessert. It was later removed after the event.

When the Valentine's 2021 event was added back in, the ice cream was brought back to the game. Players can choose from the options of chocolate, mint chocolate, strawberry vanilla ice cream. The name of the ice cream company on the tubs are a reference to one of the Royale High Developers, Kateka22.

In April 10, 2021, a detailed cake with a "4" shaped candle was added to contribute Royale High's 4th Year-Anniversary.


In the Pantry, the player can find kettles where they can make either tea or hot chocolate. There are 6 types of hot chocolate and 9 types of tea.

After selecting a kettle, it should be placed in the sink to be filled up by pressing the tap. The kettle will indicate when it becomes full. Once a full kettle is placed by the stove, it can be heated up by pressing the buttons on the stove where it will be ready to prepare drinks once it's boiling. A boiling pot then lets the player choose their preferred drink and additions. The player may also continue to move the kettle or clean it up, removing it from the apartment.

Kettles can be placed anywhere and can be stacked up. While they were not made with the intention of building and creating art, the community had repurposed them to create things out of them.


The player can also cause disasters in the apartments. These include:

  • Fires: At least 1 fire from the stove should be on for around 1-2 minutes. It will eventually light on fire, and if it is not stopped by a flood, the fires will spread throughout the player's apartment.
  • Floods: The kitchen sink will overflow with water if left on for 10 seconds, reaching up to knee length. The flooding slowly stops when the kitchen sink turns off for 5 seconds.

Players will not die from either of these events nor will their apartment be affected after the disaster has ended. These disasters are only temporary to that specific session. The player can set an apartment on fire after flooding it, and the water will catch on fire instead of putting out the fire.

Living Room

Living Room

The default living room consists of a large couch, a fireplace, and a fairy light floor lamp in the corner.

The couch has blankets that are in the same color the player's chosen apartment color. If the player moves from spot to spot on the couch, the player will discover different sitting animations. The sitting animations are fixed to specific places on the couch.



In between the main hall and bathroom, there is a storage room for towels and a hamper to remove worn ones.

Inside the bathroom, there is a bathtub with a tap that the player can turn on, as well as an overhead waterfall shower, and a bathtub light switch which makes the light in the bathtub fade between different colors of the rainbow. There are sinks that the player can turn on, but cannot flood the apartment with. Under the sinks are drawers, and when the player presses it, it gives the player a toothbrush that they can use.

The vanity has a seat and mirror, as well as many makeup supplies such as lipstick, facial mist, nail polish, nail files, nail buffers, and more. These are all for roleplaying purposes. Near the vanity, there is a door that the player can open and close leading to the toilet. While "using" the toilet there would be a fart sound played, meanwhile when the player had gotten off the toilet there would be a flushing sound played.

Other Information

  • In the game made by Callmehbob called RIP New Campus on the earth realm there was a building called Gardenia Luxury Apartments, but you can't go in the apartments.
  • During the Christmas 2019 event, the Apartments had a Christmas Tree in the Kitchen.
  • During the New Years 2020 event, balloons and other party supplies were temporarily added, as well as a big 2020 cake where the window seat was while fireworks came on. Players could also pull out ice cream from the freezer or order pizza with a special 2020 sign on top. A deck of cards replaced the book on the couch where the player could play a game with other players.
  • During the Christmas 2020 event, the Apartments were decorated to an extravagant holiday theme. A balcony was also added and it appeared to be snowing outside of the place.
  • During the Valentines 2021 event, all the Christmas decorations and snow were removed in exchange for rainy weather and a large projector screen in front of the bed. The freezer section of the fridge was given an update to have ice cream.
  • Before The Valentines 2021 event there used to be a creepy face in the sky in the window facing the kitchen.