These items were obtainable during the New Years 2019 event by doing quests or talking to the people at the New Years party.

Accessory Obtainable From Image
Lizzy's Crown of Roses Lizzy_Winkle
Lizzy's Crown of Roses
Bahia's Pacifier
Celebration Balloon k0maki
Celebration Balloon
Rosie's Rose Rosie
Rosie's Rose
Anzu's Mindwings Anzu_TL
Anzu's Mindwings
Antilique's Horns Antilique
Antilique's Horns
2019 Party Hat ZaiLetsPlay
2019 Party Hat
Cristal's Tiara cristalpony1987
Cristal's Tiara
LeahAshe's Bear Ears iamsanna and NotLeah
LeahAshe's Bear Ears
Bunny Slippers itsAshleyosity
Bunny Slippers
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