These accessories were released during the Halloween 2018 event, sold for an alternate currency of Candy that could be obtained. Players could convert diamonds into candy in the candy shop located on earth. 3 diamonds were equal to 1 candy.

They returned during the Halloween 2019 event for the same prices in the accessory shop, but there was no diamonds-candy conversion.

Accessory Price (Candy) Price (Diamonds) Image
Arachnofabulous 100 300
Kitchen Accident 500 1,500
Kitchen Accident
Magical Witch 1,250 3,750
Magical Witch
Vampire Crown 2,500 7,500
Vampire Crown
Goth Lolita Sleeves 3,500 10,500
Goth Lolita Sleeves
Kitty Crossbody 5,000 15,000
Kitty Crossbody
Nocturnal Kitty Ears 10,000 30,000
Nocturnal Kitty Ears


Accessories related to the Halloween 2019 event.

Purchasable Accessories

These items are part of the Shadow Empress set by Sukimeki.

Accessory Price (Diamonds) Image
Shadow Empress Jeweled Crown 15,000
Shadow Empress Jeweled Crown
Shadow Empress Fallen Angel Sleeves 20,000
Shadow Empress Fallen Angel Sleeves
Shadow Empress Chained Bodice 20,000
Shadow Empress Chained Bodice

Candy Hunt Rewards

Items rewarded from particular homestores during the candy hunt.

Accessory Homestore Image
Nomnom Chocolate Bar Arctxic's Homestore
Nomnom Chocolate Bar
Abnormally Large and Very Pokey Fork AngelicMou's Homestore
Abnormally Large and Very Pokey Fork
My Dolly Antilique's Haunted House
My Dolly
Spider Friend Bazaar Boutique
Spider Friend
Sparkling Body Chain Coldsoul
Sparkling Body Chain
Candy Explosion!!! Flatline Homestore
Candy Explosion!!!
Witch's Little Pet Staff FL!P V2
Witch's Little Pet Staff
Spider's Masterpiece Purse Haunted Mansion - Designer Halloween Clothing
Spider's Masterpiece Purse
Jack-o-Lantern Boppers H&M Homestore
Jack-o-Lantern Boppers
Vampire's Heir KelseyAnna's Homestore
Vampire's Heir
Kitty Buns Kittzilla's Homestore
Kitty Buns
Studded Rose Garters K0maki’s Haunted Palace Home Store
Studded Rose Garters
Pretty Kitty Tail Lykrai's Homestore
Pretty Kitty Tail
Kawaii Demon Horns MahaIo's Homestore
Kawaii Demon Horns
Bat Earrings Miki's Clothing V3
Bat Earrings
Classic Ghost Costume Miss Homestore
Classic Ghost Costume
Spinning Web Boppers missmudmaam Homestore
Spinning Web Boppers
Skull Crown MissShu's Homestore
Skull Crown
Ruffle Collar Nutest's Nightmare Circus
Ruffle Collar
Graveyard Lurker Collar Pridest Homestore
Graveyard Lurker Collar
Supernatural Hoop Earrings Scream Queens Home Store
Supernatural Hoop Earrings
Bat Tophat Sensei Homestore V2
Bat Tophat
Cute Kitty Ears Siskella's Homestore
Cute Kitty Ears
Sparkling Crow Crown Sparklings' Garden
Sparkling Crow Crown
Glowing Pumpkin Wand Sylenia's Homestore
Glowing Pumpkin Wand
Kawaii Reaper Wish's Homestore
Kawaii Reaper

Other Rewards

These accessories were rewarded by stores that were disqualified from the event and designer featuring program. They were then available from chests that can be found around Earth.

Accessory Image
Nightmare Witch Hat
Nightmare Witch Hat
Dragon Staff
Dragon Staff
Playful Kitty Paws
Playful Kitty Paws
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