Accessories rewarded from certain homestores during the Easter 2019 Homestore Egg Hunt.

Name Store Image
Cute Animal Nose Aesthetic Homestore
Cute Animal Nose.PNG
Fuzzy Bunny Ears AngelicMou
Fuzzy Bunny Ears.PNG
Spring Circlet Antilique
Spring Circlet.PNG
Floppy Ears Arctxic
Floppy Ears.PNG
Easter Basket Epik Clothing Designs Store
Easter Basket.PNG
Falling Spring Blossoms KelseyAnna
Falling Spring Blossoms.PNG
Sweet Cherry Earrings k0maki
Sweet Cherry Earrings.PNG
Whiskers Kittzilla
Rainbow Candy Lollganz
Rainbow Candy.PNG
Spring Horns MahaIo
Spring Horns.PNG
Spring Cleaning Headband Marliina
Spring Cleaning Headband.PNG
Fluffy Bunny Tail with Bow Miki's Clothing
Fluffy Bunny Tail with Bow.PNG
Spring Hair Flowers Miss Homestore
Spring Hair Flowers.PNG
Bunny Earrings NUTEST
Bunny Earrings.PNG
Popstar Microphone Sensei Homestore
Popstar Microphone.PNG
Nine-Tails Sparklings
Spring Cleaning Duster Sylenia
Spring Cleaning Duster.PNG


Accessories rewarded as a part of the Easter 2020 event in Moonlight Square.

Name Bunny Amount Image
Easter Egg Boppers 2
Easter Egg Boppers.png
Bunny Bonnet Headband 4
Bunny Bonnet Headband.png
Spring Scramble Earrings 5
Spring Scramble Earrings.png
Exquisite Easter Tie 5
Exquisite Easter Tie.png
Easter Egg Top Hat 6
Easter Egg Top Hat.png
Sweet Bunny Ears 8
Sweet Bunny Ears.png
Trip to the Market Hat 8
Trip to the Market Hat.png
Sweet Bunny Hair Bows 8
Sweet Bunny Hair Bows.png
Baby Chick Backpack 14
Baby Chick Backpack.png
Baby Bunny Backpack 14
Baby Bunny Backpack.png
Sweet Bunny Shoulder Bag 16
Sweet Bunny Shoulder Bag.png
Spring Queen Crown 20
Spring Queen Crown.png


Accessories rewarded as a chance from the Accessory Egg in the Easter 2021 event.

Name Image
Butterfly Pavilion Fascinator
Butterfly Pavilion Fascinator.png
Daisy Earrings
Daisy Earrings.png
Heiress Tea Party Bow
Heiress Tea Party Bow.png
Springtide Flower Crown
Springtide Flower Crown.png
Strawberry Picking Basket
Strawberry Picking Basket.png
Vegan Dove Fascinator
Vegan Dove Fascinator.png
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